Human Rights Activist's Full Report

Looking from the perspective of a Human Rights Activist, the most important thing is to ensure that people are treated with fairness. To achieve this, I submit what I believe is the most effective plan:

I believe to prevent and stop human rights violations in China we need to get a more caring government. The communist government in China does not care if there are thousands of girls starving and dying in orphanages, they don't care about people’s life as much as the rest of the world does. I think that the Chinese government is more interested in power and money, than the people of their country. If they had a democracy, I believe they would treat the people of China better and more equally. The communist government seems to be in a state of denial, denial of anything else but the communist party. They do not care about individuals like Americans do. It seems like a huge and broad solution, but there are almost no alternatives. People who have tried to bring attention to human rights issues have lost their jobs and been put in jail. People who express their opinions in China that oppose the communist party or disagree with something are put in jail also. It will take a lot of work and an extremely long time, but a new government would do to help human rights.

Support for this plan is convincingly shown through the following points:

Human rights, what every human is entitled to, are being violated all over China.  The government covers up and denies these violations to make China look good and to not draw attention.

Evidence that supports this truth:

·         Human rights are the equal treatment of the entire human family. All people are entitled to equal treatment from everyone. This also states that no one will be held in slavery in any way and no one will be subject to cruel or inhumane punishment or treatment.

·         The death penalty is still commonly used in China today. On September 27, 2000,the Guangdong Supreme People's Court decided they would hold 57 public rallies were held to announce 818 death sentences. Free assembly is also very restricted in China due to the fact that many people gathered in one area makes the communists nervous that a revolt might happen.


·         The leader of the China Society for the Study of Human Rights denies the report created by the Human Rights Watch in an interview with Xinhua on January 17, 1997. The report created by the Human Rights Watch made "groundless" accusations against the Chinese government about specific people. According to the Human Rights people, as long as China remains a socialist country, it is a human rights violating country.


People can learn from the mass violence in China that the Communist government is not afraid to do what it wants to do. They try to get people to avoid congregating in masses, but if they do not succeed then they get nervous, and that can lead to violence.

Evidence that supports this truth:

·         In 1928 the Chinese government moved the capitol of China from Beijing to Nanking. On October 11, 1937, the Japanese armies advanced in the direction of Nanking. They launched a massive attack on December 9th, and beginning on the 13th through the next six weeks, the Japanese army was thought to have killed 300,000 people and raped 20,000 women. Some estimates are even higher, but the Japanese government continues to say that these numbers are exaggerated.

·         The Cultural Revolution in China began in 1949 started with Chairman Mao taking over. He brought communism to China, and to do this effectively he thought it was necessary to kill and punish anyone who did not think or act like he wanted them to. If you did not agree with his policies and still thought that the old ideas and ways were better, you and your family would be beaten, fined or killed. No children went to school for four years during this. Thousands of Chinese were killed and it should never have happened.

·         In Tiananman Square in 1989, a student protest was being held. Students from all over China were in Beijing to protest Communism and to stand up for Democracy. The Communists did not like this. They told the protesters to leave, but the protesters did not. The Chinese military was brought in, with tanks, and fired on the protesters. They killed thousands, wounded thousands, and made China look very bad. They would not let anyone into China for two weeks after that.  The government’s response was extremely uncalled for. Their reaction to the protest was too violent.

The seriousness of the human rights violations in China today is extremely serious. The Chinese government does what it wants to do, even if that involves lying or killing. The Chinese government tends to cover up all the bad things in China to make them look good, when really things are beginning to leak out and make them look bad. When the Chinese government learns about a human rights violation within their country, they tend to ignore it and deny it as if it is not there. With the seriousness of some of the situations in China the government needs to pay a little more attention.

Evidence that supports this truth:

·         Dan Wang was put on trial on October 30, 1996 in China for writing articles expressing his views and having contacts in China with dissidents. It was clear that the trial had already been decided before it even happened. It lasted four hours and Dan Wang was sentenced to 11 years in prison. He had previously been in prison for being involved in the student protests in 1989. Detailed newspaper articles and interviews made it obvious that they had been prepared before the trial. Dan Wang's trial was unfair and unjust. The public was not allowed to go to the trial.

·         The communist government in China is getting nervous due to young people making attempts at forming a democratic governmental party called the China Democracy Party. All attempts at registering it so far have been unsuccessful, but people think that one may emerge soon. The communists do not like the idea at all; they feel threatened by the presence of another registered political party.

·         Chinese orphanages have serious problems. Since the one child per family law was put into place, many baby Chinese girls have been abandoned because people think that having a boy is better. If the abandoned girl is found, she is put into an orphanage, usually with inadequate facilities and employees. Sometimes there are forty or more children with only two caregivers. Because of this starvation and disease is present. There have been reports of intended starvation and other abuse involving torture and hitting. Sometimes the girls are "picked" to be "exterminated" by how they look or act. This usually is done through starvation, and to keep the starving children from screaming and crying they give them sedatives and painkillers. The baby orphans are strapped in a high chair looking thing, they can't move their arms or legs, and there is a bucket under them to catch their waste. Many reports have been submitted to the Chinese government to try to change these conditions, but the Chinese government denies all charges against them. Population annalists are expecting there to be an extreme shortage in Chinese women in the next 20 years because of how many are being abandoned and killed. These are serious human rights violations and something needs to be done.


Respectfully submitted by

Elizabeth Koenig
Human Rights Activist