A day in the life of me, Elizabeth.

This would be a normal Wednesday, well, as normal as my days get.

6:30 - My mother comes in my room, and gently tries to wake me. She turns on my radio and my lights, I pretend to still be asleep till it doesen't work anymore, and roll over. Mom exits.

6:35 - Mom is back. Oh god, please make mom go away, I'll do anything, just please let me stay under these warm covers a few minutes longer. She comes over, tries to rouse me a second time, with a growing voice volume. She tries to yank the covers off, but already knows that I will bite her hand completly off if she does, so her tries are feeble on my death grip. I do not want to get up. She nearly falls on her face while she yells stomping out of my extreamly messy room. "IF YOU MAKE ME LATE AGAIN ELIZABETH I'LL GROUND YOU FOR A WEEK!!!! NO ELECTRONICS!!!!" I know she would do this, if she remembered, and even if she remembered, she would forget after Wednesday, so I remain in bed. She stomps off loudly muttering in her flowered night shirt to her oatmeal.

6:50 - I am slowly pushed into reality by the annoying tunes of pop music drifting to me from under the covers by the most obnoxious radio station in the city... anything else would never wake me. A song I like might come on, and I'd promise myself that I'd get up when it ended. Another song I kindove like comes on, I swear I'll get up when it's over. Brittany Spears comes on and I get up and go to the bathroom.

6:51 - Pee

6:52 - I do a quick examination of my face, greet all my old pimples and all my new ones, and turn on the hot water of the shower.

6:53 - In the shower. Cold at first, then hot. I can bearly stand on my own, I hold on to the walls of the shower for a minute. Once I get my hair wet and wash my face, two meger helpings of very fragrant shampoo and one of conditioner bombard my hair. I wash them out. By this time the hot water is usually running out, so I slowly turn the cold water off to get more hot water. This continues until I am in cold water with goosebumps the size of cherries. The whole time I'm thinking about what is clean to wear to school, what the weather will be, what tests and quizzes I have for the day, or I just zone out.

7:05 - Shower over, towels on, exit the bathroom. Once I get a decent CD playing, I clamber through my room to my closet, hopefully with an idea of what I can wear beforehand. I'm just going to assume this is a good day with a ready-idea of what I'm going to wear, with all items clean, because it would take too long to write about trying to put something together otherwise (running around the house in my underwear ironing...ect.)

7:20 - If things are going well, I'm in the bathroom by this time, drying my hair. This is a curious ritual. First I brush it, then I lean over, throwing all my hair upsidown, and blow dry it like that. Once thats done and the hair is under control, contacts are next. I HATE PUTITNG IN CONTACTS. I can bearly open my eyes as it is. So the battle begins, I dump the right eye contact in my hand, put it on my finger, hold my eye open, try not to blink, miss, tear up, dry off, try again, think I have it, miss, tear up.... this goes for both eyes until I look like I've been crying for a week, but I can see. After that comes the powdering blah blah - hair fixtures if needed.

7:30 - Out of the bathroom, finding socks, shoes, coat, books, papers, packing bookbag.... mom yelling...

7:45 - Out of the house. When will the weekend ever come!?! Get into the car. If we are late, mom drives like a bat out of hell, and we don't talk. Never has their been morning conversation unless there is something important. We are fond of the NPR radio reader if it's a good book. I've found The Red Hot Chilli Peppers- "Californication" to be a good morning CD. Mom yells at cars. More threatining of being left... grounded....killed...

8:10-8:15 - Arrive at Junior parking lot at school, time depending on traffic and moms driving. A kiss goodbye and I'm out. If it's 8:10, I'll go chat for a few minutes, if it's 8:15, I get to class. If it's 8:30, I take my time, I'm late, why hurry.

8:20 -Hopfully in class. Since this is Wednesday, I have my least favorite first, math class with the classmates from hell. Mr Blackstone is a good teacher, and I'm good in his class, since this is the second year I've taken it, but the people in there.. gosh... most of them are sophmores, and they suck. I hate math class.

10:30 - First period over. Wednesday means a half hour of "chapel"(zoning out for 30 minutes). Occasionally we will have a decent "preacher" I guess, and it will be remotely intresting. It usually isn't.

11:00 - Class again. English with Mr Gasque. I'm begining to wonder if any class has ever pleased him. That's all I'm going to say about that.

11:30: - Physics. Maybe we'll watch a movie? Between Adam and Yates I usually leave this class with a headache. Thank God for Seung-Hee. Lunch finally.

12:30: - LUNCH!!!! The part of the day I look forward to most. Meet up with Patrick and William, sometimes Katie and Perrin in Mr. Russell's room, get my Maruchan- known to everyone in the lunch bunch as, "Soup of Satan", heat it up in Mr. Kreutners (Sp? man...) room, aka the "Rancho Relaxo". Once the noodles are cooked, back to Mr. Russell's sancutary for the "British Comedy Club". We've been known to watch Monty Python, Wallace & Gromit, and our conversations usually center around all things German, all things Monty Python or having to do with British Comedy TV shows, Politics (especially how evil Republicans are), music, cheese, bad classmates, and just about anything else you can imagine - plenty of completly random things. This is usually the highlight of my day.

1:10 - Latin. Latin. What can I say? This class is described by a really REALLY old, I think maybe disco song... that goes...."aaaawwwww...FREAK OUT!" I mean, this class is nuts, with David, Yates, Griffin- add a few more people and you've got David writing obscene things about RH and Griffin,and really weird noises from Yates. David has been known to crush up altoids (the curiously strong mints) on his desk, roll up paper, and suck it up with his mouth, but if you're a bystander that has just walked it, you would never think thats what it was. Poor Mag J. I honestly feel bad for him, though I know I do contrubute to some of the commotion, I still feel bad. This class usually proves to eather make your sides sore from laughing so hard or it gives you a headache. Trends of saying derogatory things in latin, such as the ever-famous "I desire pretty pretty (gender confusion) little girls" from Yates, and David's declining "breast" have their high-points. Another activity that proves to be a favorite of the Latin class is David's impressions of Conrad's dad. These usually get disturbing. I'm usually glad to leave latin in the end.

2:05 - Wednesday means humanities.. Humanities is my favorite class of the day, and what I look forward second only to lunch. We review history, watch movies, have political discussions (my favorite), do research, have a blast.... haha. If ever there is a project, you can bet one of the groups is William, Patrick, Yates, and me. HUMANITIES ROCKS!

3:05 - SCHOOL'S OUT! If I don't feel like socializing around the lockers, I just go straight to my dad's car to leave.

3:30 - Usually home at dad's house by now, getting a snack, maybe watching some TV, going online to check mail and surf a while. I end up getting stuck doing something online almost always.

4:45 - I might get out some homework to do... nah....

6:20 - Dad comes home, he usually makes dinner or brings something home. We watch the news or comedy central together, and aftwards I will eather go back online or work some on my homework. (nahh....)

8:00 - Dad takes me home to Mom's. Sam (my dog, the best dog ever in the history of the world) greets me. Mom tells me everything that's happened all day to her. You'd never guess all the things a librarian goes through... gosh....

8:45 - Check mail on Mom's computer, chat to people maybe.

9:00 - Might get out homework.... nah....

9:30 - If I'm not doing homework, I'm working out upstairs...

10:30 - Mom's threats for me to go to bed come in torrents now, so I mosey on to my room and put on some pajamas. Like I'm aucually going to sleep anytime soon. I come alive at night... very curious thing. If I don't work on homework, I'm still online, or, I go to wash my face.

11:00 - I might be in my bed, might not, but if I am, I'm reading something or writing in my journal. I might even be picking out what I'm going to wear the next day if I feel like it. I might be dancing around... could be looking for something I lost... lots of different things.

11:30 - Usually my lights are out by now. It takes about 2 minutes or less for me to fall asleep, then this whole damn cycle repeats itself untile blessed Saturday comes, when I stay up until about 1:00AM or 2:00AM, and sleep in until 12:00 or 1:00.