These are some of my favorite things in the whole world.

Raman. The best food ever, easy to cook, good to eat. I've been making this wondrous food since I was probably 8. mmm... making me hungry....

My Homework Carpet.

This is where I do do my homework. I've been doing it here since forever, I saved this carpet from being thrown away once, so I have a special bond with it. It is known everywhere as the homework carpet, because that is it's name. I like to just lie around all over it sometimes, and watch my mom make dinner if she's not making me help her. I used to fall asleep on this carpet when doing my homework... and wake up with its designs on my cheek. I love the homework carpet. I know I'm excentric.

The Valentines/Christmas Tree.

The Valentines tree. When Christmas is over, and the decorations are down, in my house, one decoration stays up. The tree. Small white lights adorn the tree, and it is decorated with hearts, pink and red ribbons, doilies and other February 14 embellishments. Thats right. We have a Valentines tree. This picture was taken on February 19, 2001, so the tree has been up since Thanksgiving. I love Christmas trees just as much, especially when they smell really good. ah... trees....


Maybilline the cow was created by me the summer before I entered 5th grade. She is paper-mache, with a cardboard box inside. Her name is Maybilline because of her lipstick, look for it. Maybilline is awsome... she's about a foot and a half tall.

My messy room.

This is a small and rare showing of my room in its normal state, messy. I'm not going to explain why its messy, or how I live in it, but it's still one of my favorite things.

The Living Room

I spend more time in this room than probably any other room in the house. Its got the TV, and this blessed computer that has roadrunner. I love this room, where the couches are comfy and there's always something going on.

My dog sam

I love my dog... Sam.. she's so cool.. she sleeps a lot like me.... Sam is so cool....