What to do if Aliens invade your bathroom

Well, it's the cold, hard truth, and it happens unfourtainatly, Aliens invade your bathroom. What to do? Will they make your toliet hate you? Will your sink EVER BE THE SAME?! Yes, I too have experenced the horror of little beings from distant galixies assulting my bathroom, and I know how to make them leave.

#1- After the aliens have left, sing kind songs to your toliet about pastrami.

#2- To get the aliens out, get your Christmas lights (the ones that blink of corse) and string them everywhere. Set the blink to go really fast, and sing "Baby are you that Somebody" by Allyah to the "beat" of the twinkle. This is extreamly annoying for the aliens (and your classmates for that matter) and they will soon leave if their brain doesen't explode first.

#3- Get that old Shatner guy from the Priceline.com commercials and old Star Trek shows just to start talking. They'll leave, oh yeah, they'll leave.

#4- If you are younger than 4, just stand there, the aliens will eventually hate you for one reason or the other and leave.

#5- Spray bath and Body Works junk all over you, and stand around. If they aliens don't die, they'll leave.

#6- Get your CD player on the toliet, put in Hello Nasty by the Beasty Boys, turn to "Intergalitic" and pump up the volume! The vibrations from the song are absorbed through the toliet, (which has a little known power to store absorbed vibrations) after a few minutes of dancing with the aliens get out of there, because the toliet will blow up, killing the aliens. That song is so cool...

#7- Put on any music by the following artists, if the aliens have any taste in music whatsoever, they will leave: Yanni, Kenny G, N*Sync, Brittany Spears, Mandy Moore, Snoop Dog, 98 Degrees, Hanson, and/or Creed.

#8- Get a projector, and project the fish channel into the sky or something, all beings are attracted to the fish channel.

#9- Call NASA and let them toatally mess up your house, tromatize your kids, and take the aliens away.

#10- Make the aliens wear stockings(a.k.a.-tights, hose, ect you get the point). They will go insane after about .62 seconds.