25 Things to do with cheese.

(Other than eat it)

1.- Make a cheese castle, get all your Star Wars action figures and have a battle inside it.

2.- Litter the hyways with cheese, and when stopped and arrested for littering, freak out and say you were "spreading the joy"

3.- Build a cheese birdhouse

4.- Get a really big 30 pound block of cheese and chant while dancing around it in public, "Cheese for presedent! Yum! Yum! cheese for presedent" make posters, buy bilboards, ect. (anything but Bush!)

5.- Manufacture (eye)glasses out of cheese. Advertize them as "see your world through CHEESE VISION. The vision of the future is here!"

6.- Make abstract animals out of melted cheese. Put little heart tags, give them names and birthdays, sell for millions to little kids across America.

7.- Buy string cheese wholesale, peel it all into little strips and throw it on a large canvas. Sell for millions as "modern art"

8.- Start a cheese musem.

9.- Make a computer processer out of cheese. call it, the CheesePentium. Sell for millions.

10.- Make hundreds of incredably boring infomercials trying to sell "cheese dogs". These little creatures will make your grandchildren light up with joy!

11.- Theres Diet Coke, Theres Cherry Coke, why not Cheese Coke?

12.- Mass produce cheese clothing. Be warned, if you wear it more than 10 minutes it will MELT.

13.- Make cheese remotes. Sell to the professional channel surfers, so when you loose the cheese remote, when you find it it will be aged to perfection and ready to eat!

14.- Get seven pounds of feta cheese. Crumble and spred throughout your house while screaming, "here micie micie micie!"

15.- Get an old record player, cover in cheese, try to play a record. Claim to hear music and call it the "cheese symphony"

16.- Get five large pieces of cheese with a tape player playing some boyband song, pass it off to MTV as "Backstreet Cheese" or "N'Cheese", hear the girls scream.

17.- Make "cheese disketts". When people complain that they melted inside their computer, tell them thats why they are "cheese disketts"

18.- Freeze Cheese blocks. Call it "cheese ice" and put it in all your friends drink glasses when they come over. Claim they are the "newest and coolest thing" watch reaction as cheese melts in drinks...

19.- Make a Giant Cheese playground. Advertize it by saying "its fun, and nutrious!"

20.- Sell "Cheese Pocketbooks" when a woman buys one and puts all her stuff in it, carefully follow her till the cheese melts and the pocketbook is not on the woman anymore. Take pocketbook, instant profit!

21.- Melt Cheese on your head, go up to strangers and say "im a(n) (your name here) melt. (I would be an "Elizabeth Melt")

22.- Throw cheese at people. Tell them its a "cheese storm"

23.- Make soccer cleats out of cheese. Eat them at halftime.

24.- Make a house of cheese. Live in it. Write a novel.

25.- Sell "cheese computer moniters". When customers complain that all they ever see is cheese, tell them that that is the point.