My Questions for the World.

Alright, I've got some questions for the world.

#1.- Why does America and all other countries wonder why Teenage girls are dieing to be skinny(literally)? All their roll modles and people they look up to are 5'9 and weigh 2 ounces! In those teen magizines, they have an article about bulemia, and on the next page theres a 6'3 model that must weigh 80 pounds, modling a bathing sute that no one in their right mind would wear unless they looked like that. Things need to change.

#2.- Why does America wonder why their children are killing each other at school? I mean, you don't hear about it happening anywhere else, why in America? I think gun control has something to do with it. England has it, but not America, because, "We gotta have guns to shoot thoes deers"

#3.- Why do people discriminate agenst homosexuals? Why do people discriminate agenst blacks? Why do people discriminate agenst mexicans? Why do people discriminate agenst rednecks? Why do people discriminate agenst women? America needs to learn tolerence. One of my very favorite teachers once told us, "If everyone in the world did what you just did (a student had been misbehaving) the world would be a horrible place." Thats what basically she said. It's true, we all need to respect and learn tollerence.

#4.- Why do people classify "rap" as "music"?

#5.- Why are the prequels for starwars comming out after the "sequels" (thats confusing!)

#6.- Why is there war? It's pointless, a game for bored countries to play, A big boy-scout party to go shoot stuff. The only good thing that comes of war is population control, and that really isnt effected all that much. "All we are saying, if give peace a chance"

#7.- Why are prison guards paid more than teachers, when teachers baisicly controll the future? We wonder why our children are stupid. Why a child is in a class of 30+, there is no point of being educated, because they will not learn anything. One teacher cannot controll, much less teach, a class of 30+, I don't care who you are or what you're teaching. We need more teachers & more money in education.

#8.- Why is Metallica considered "music"?

#9.- Why do you park on freeways, and drive on parkways?

#10.- How can people exist when they don't have a pet?

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