Reasons why we hate Some people.

Reasons why we hate Some people.

By Elizabeth the tall and Perrin the creatative.

1.- They argue.

2.- They argure about pointless things that don't need to be argued about.

3.- They're slow.

4.- They are DITZY.

5.- They steal your boyfriend.

6.- They get attention that they don't deserve.

7.- They flirt with teachers.

8.- They suck up to every living thing. (even some dead things)

9.- They are hipocrits.

10.- They can't conceive of the idea that OTHER PEOPLE EXIST besides themselves.

11.- They are conceited.

12.- They are shallow.

13.- They worship their body and other body accessories.

14.- They dress the same way as everyone else.

15.- They are not original or creatative.

16.- Guys are all they think about EVER.

17.- They are slackers.

18.- They think Smoking is cool & drinking is fun.

19.- They want to be older than they really are.