EGG's *Love* Column

The thoughts of EGG are not necearally the thoughts of the website owner, but most of it is.

When you are growing up you deal with your parents, and you deal with your teachers,(of corse there are your friends) but the one thing most people enjoy about growing up is having a crush or a boyfriend/girlfreind. When you get to be 10/11/12/13 years old you quit thinking guys have cooties -and vice versa- guys quit thinking that girls have cooties. You know, you start flirting with the really nice guy/girl in your science class. Everyone flirts- its just something that happens. Some people are better flirters than others, but hey, no one is perfect. Personally jsut becuase your flirt with someone does not nesisarily mean that you like them- but in some cases you do. Then there is the most played game among teenages- no not spin the bottle- its truth or dare. When you are playing you think you'll play it safe and say truth so you wont have to french the weirdest person near you. So someone goes "truth or dare" and you say "truth" and the most popualar truth question comes out- "who do you like?" Then your on the spot. Everyone wants to know who you like- whether you are playing truth or dare- or not. For some reason not many people like to revael who they like- its jsut a thing. Well after you have flirted with the one you like- and get your self noticed, the guy/girl might ask you out. When someone asks you out- you should feel very flattered. and if it is the guy/girl that you like- then you say yes. But if you dont like this person then you say no. Depending on the guy- your usually gonna feel bad. My best freind told me that when you turn somone down- they proably are gonna avoid you for a couple a days and tehn things will go back to normal. Well if you do have a boyfriend or a girlfreind you have to deal with the ups and downs of the relationship. During this time you are gonna get to know this person very well. Another one of my freinds said that a boyfriend/girlfreind at our age is about having a really good freind, but along with this friend comes the lovey dovey stuff- i know i know- that sounds weird but what am i suposed to say? ok fine- with this really good freind comes the romantic stuff- holding hands, hugging, and kissing.
But also comes with this relationship is differences- somepoint throughout your relationship your proably going to have an argument. Somebody once said "Love is not going through the good times but going through the bad." Is that really true? What would love be without with good times? If love wasnt about the good times then love would be about arguments and nothing else, which isnt love at all. Usually relationships begin during the school year, so when summer time rolls around there comes a time where you have to keep you comuntication together- because if you loose your comunication, you loose everything that you have gained during the year. The main advice i have for guys is, Tell your girlfriend were you are going and when! so she doesnt have to hear it from your best freind. Then there comes the lowest part in a relationship- the break up- that is not a good time for the dumper or the dumpee. overall relationships are very confusing. Throughout these dificult, confusing, but very fun years you will gain freinds,loose boyfriends/girlfreinds, and maybe have your heart broken sometimes- but remeber freinds what make everything so much fun.

--EGG, Friend and mentor to all. Writer of "EGG's Love Column"