Got Turkey?

What to do with those dreaded thanksgiving leftovers

THANKSGIVING! AHHHHH! Time of being thankful, eating, eating, eating, a little eating, some eating, and guess what you do most at thanksgiving? EAT! I personally don't like thanksgiving, but you gotta have a day to honnor being thankful for everything. The worst part about thanksgiving is the leftovers, all I remember about thanksgiving '96 was that turkey cassorole...ewwwww Bad thoughts.......ewwwwww
Anway- I just thought you might want some alternatives for leftovers this year.

What to do with leftover Turkey

  • Send it to Africa
  • Eat it
  • Make your kids eat it (noooooooo)
  • Make your mother-in-law eat it (mmmmm hmmmm)
  • Cut all the pieces in little logs and build somthing similar to a gingerbread house. Or not.
  • Cut the turkey in pieces, throw all over your yard, watch the animals emerge out of under your house, then observe the fur flying.
  • Throw it away
  • Make little angels out of the pieces, dry, and use as decorations for your Christmas tree.
  • Feed it to your dogs
  • Re-cook it and bring it to your mother-in-laws Christmas party next month.
  • Weave the turkey fibers to make a new sweater.
  • Make a new musical instrument out of the turkey
  • Glue all the pieces of turky to a big canvas, sell for millions as "modern art"
  • Send it back to the turkey farm