Are you obsessed with him/her?

Take this quiz to find out

So you have a crush, but your friends call it an obsession. Well, if you want to see if your obsessed or not, take this quiz, it might help you.

You sit next to your crush in math class, a whole hour of bliss. You flirt constantly, and play jokes on each other, some of which involve objects (paper, paper-clips, old rappers, staples, other assorted small objects). You have the oppratuneity to keep these objects- When asked where they are you respond:
A.- What? That piece of junk? I don't care where it is, I think I threw it away....
B.- Oh, I built a shrine for it 5 years ago, its in a plastic case beside my bed, and i kiss it every night. I've never touched it since me & crush had it!
C.- Oh, I think it's taped in my journal, along with the story of what we did with it. It's fun to look back on it.

You sit behind your crush in class, most of the time you:
A.- Pay attention to the teacher
B.- Stare at the back of the beautiful head of your crush, while daydreaming about what your wedding will be like.
C.- Pay attention to the teacher most of the time, excpt when really really boring subjects pop up, and you gaze absently in your crushes direction, eyeing him/her to see if they can tell your looking at them.

You have a journal, if it were somday published, it would be called:
A.- Important events of the year 1998, through the perspective of a __ year old boy/girl
B.- The life and times of (your crushes name here), everything they ever did and said.
C.- The life and times of a __ year old boy/girl

When talking on the phone with your best bud most of the words out of your mouth are about:
A.- Clinton Scandel (you and your friend love to discuss stuff)
B.- Any contact you have with your crush all day and for the past week, you friend now refers to your crush as "dirtbag" (you know who you are)
C.- Mostly questions about how your friend went to a movie with some guy, (but in your head your thinking, "man I wish so&so would go to the movie with me!")

Your crush is talking to you and some other people, telling yo-momma jokes. He/she tells a really old & corny one, what do you do?
B.- Laugh like theres no tommorrow, while all your friends look on whondering whats so funny
C.- Say "thats OOOLLLLDDD, but it was good when it was new.

A.-Your crush is walking down a hall twards you to go to class, you
a.- say a "hi" and walk to class
B.- say "wow! nice shirt" even though it's old as dirt and you've seen him/her wear it since 3rd grade
C.- Ignore the hottie, hay, if he/she wants me, they will move first, and boy I wish they would move!

The background info you have on this person includes:
A.- Huh? well, I know he/she's mom drives a car, i mean it's not a truck....
B.- Mom's name, Dad's name, sibling's names, Your crushes birthday, your crushes favorite candy, Almost their whole wardrobe, Modle number, color, size and square footage of their vehicle, licence plate number, where they live...
C.- uhhh, well He/she has a blue car, and they live near the park, they have a pool.


Fianally the answers:

If you answered mostly A's you:
Have barly a crush whatsoever, why did you even take this test? Your friends are messed up if they think you are obsessed, because you are DEFANATLY NOT!

If you answered mostly C's you;
Have a crush, but are not completly obsessed, You have moderate degrees of obsession, and I can understand your friends thinking that you are obsessed. You are in a good spot, I would not change anything.


Okay, if you answered mostly B's,

YOUR OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And by the way, your crush probably knows it too! I would seriously calm down, its obvious you like this person.