These are just going to be random, in no particular order.


BMW somehow decided to fund award winning directors to make short films that feature bmw's and a nice message. The directors include Ang Lee, the director of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and Guy Ritchie. I watched "The Follow" and "Chosen". I reccommend reading the synopsis before you watch. Pretty neat stuff. BMW Films

Atlanta's best radio station, 99X

I'm pro-choice. This site is where you can read up on stuff concerning pro-choice people. Choice USA

Great Dave Matthews Band mailing list site- good stuff. DMB Mailing List

Emode! Tests... quizzes... not like the school kind, like, "are you a stupid jerk? take this quiz to find out" kind of stuff. Fun fun fun!!!! Emode

Weird stuff, entertaining, fun. Kinda like but more toned down. Home of Mr. Wong, the politically incorrect unfunny cartoon my friend Joe likes... it's really scary. Icebox

Another Dave Matthews Band site... ooh I love those...

This cool site lets you type any word you know in, and it gives you all the rhymes that go with it. It's really fun. Rhymezone

Shockwave's website, cool games and stuff. Shockwave

If you're like me, you love Sifl and Olly. Taking Sifl and Olly of the air is the worst thing MTV has ever done, other than air that show "N'sync's best MTV moments". I miss Sifl and Olly, but their legend lives on. Sifl -&- Olly's Cyberspace station!

Griffin made a Latin II site for all the people in Latin II at HHES. Go check it out, it's really cool, has Latin games, a class listing, and it's updated a lot. Griffin's Latin Site

Seung-Hee's site! Everything animated, AND Korean videos!!!!!!!!!Seung-Hee's site!

Carman made a site! It's got message boards!!!!!!!!!A Crazy Little Slice of Home

Sharyn made a site! It has many cool pictures on it, and PENGUINS! :)Sharyn's site!

Taylor's whackey page.Taylor's Site!

E! Onlineís movie finder. I find this helpful when searching for movies to rent or see, you can even get local listings.Moviefinder

This is a really awesome site for Webmasters. Has cut and paste HTML, JAVA, DHTML, you name it.Dynamic Drive

This is a great music site; you can search for music, get music news, all sorts of junk.Lycos music

Everyone knows MTV, I love the graphics on this site, and they change it around a lot, which rocks.MTV

This is one of my internet friendís pages.Ginga's Page

The OFFICIAL site of the Dave Matthews

A really nice DMB fan

ASK JEEVES!!!!!!!!! This has got to be my favorite search engine.Ask Jeeves

Yahoo!!!! Everyone makes fun of me because I call it "yaa-hoo" but... I still use this all the time. It has a great club section, (great DMB clubs), their chat rooms are okay, email is good there... good stuff.Yahoo!

This is great for serious internet searching, searches all the major search engines at once.Thrall

Good stuff.Lycos

Ever wonder how shoes evolve? Mysteries explained here.A Century in Shoes

My school's sucky site.Heathwood

A cool site with great

TOM GREEN!!!!!!!!!!!Tom Green!

Britannica online. Good source.Who needs the book

Ever watch Loveline? Yep. Same Dr. Drew.Dr. Drew

Play off of hamsterdance.Stickman Dance

This really is the best of the web. No questions asked.Hamster Dance!!!

I feel bad for laughing at this, but hey, I'll bet Jesus danced sometime!Jesus Dance

Sick stick humor. Death of sticks. Fake blood and stick nudity. bad words. Fun for everyone.Stick Death

I personally love Bert (from seaseme street), but this is too funny. Definatly PG-13 to R stuff.Bert is Evil

One of my favorite sites since I was a wee internet surfer, this site is a great source of endless entertainment. The images are weirded out now, but the material is still good, check out the adventures of Yodog and the peep art.Jen's world domination

Foxtrot the cartoon.Foxtrot

Alright girls. This site is pretty darn nifty. Neat cartoon things. Play the zit

The Spark is soooo cool. Not only do they make a really good book notes site, this site has plain weirdness too. Be sure to check the "gain 30 pounds in 30 days" thing. It's great.The Spark

Very similar to Cliff's notes, just free and online and really really good when reading something you don't understand.Sparknotes