Phoenix1793MG: hey miss
TwEEtrpEEp: ?
Phoenix1793MG: ??
Phoenix1793MG: im sorry that you mistook my queen joke
Phoenix1793MG: you mean FURY?
Phoenix1793MG: SCALY
TwEEtrpEEp: so how's love life
Phoenix1793MG: hmm... im getting so incredibly close here
TwEEtrpEEp: with who
Phoenix1793MG: girl i met in a snowball fight...
Phoenix1793MG: ^
TwEEtrpEEp: wow
TwEEtrpEEp: deitails
Phoenix1793MG: haha, ok... gimme one sec to tell these other people off
Phoenix1793MG: i mean bye
TwEEtrpEEp: what
Phoenix1793MG: alright
TwEEtrpEEp: what was that
Phoenix1793MG: now i can talk in peace
Phoenix1793MG: nothing
Phoenix1793MG: where should i start
Phoenix1793MG: the beginning
Phoenix1793MG: the waaay beginning
Phoenix1793MG: or where it starts getting interesting
TwEEtrpEEp: begining to end
Phoenix1793MG: ok
Phoenix1793MG: well
Phoenix1793MG: what day did it start snowing
TwEEtrpEEp: dunno
TwEEtrpEEp: I was in colorado
Phoenix1793MG: i think it was wed.
Phoenix1793MG: well
TwEEtrpEEp: ok
Phoenix1793MG: alright, sorry
Phoenix1793MG: on wednesday
TwEEtrpEEp: ok
Phoenix1793MG: carroll and his friend richard armatto
Phoenix1793MG: come knocking on my door
Phoenix1793MG: and i am sitting on the couch doing nothing on my laptop
Phoenix1793MG: and they're like "come on matt! lets go have a snowball fight"
Phoenix1793MG: and i was like... no, man, im lazy
Phoenix1793MG: and my mom comes in
Phoenix1793MG: and says "hey, do y'all want some hot chocolate?"
Phoenix1793MG: and of course
Phoenix1793MG: they say yes
Phoenix1793MG: and im like "Yes, more procrastination time"
Phoenix1793MG: and so they down their hot chocolate
Phoenix1793MG: and they're like COME ON MATT
Phoenix1793MG: and im like... awww, arrrggh
Phoenix1793MG: and i eventually get up
Phoenix1793MG: and go upstairs
Phoenix1793MG: and take as long as a woman getting ready for prom to put on my stuff
Phoenix1793MG: and so, we finally get going
Phoenix1793MG: and we walk up to edisto ave... where carroll lives
Phoenix1793MG: and we meet up with this other richard, richard... simmons, i think
Phoenix1793MG: and so we have a 2v2 fight
TwEEtrpEEp: ok
Phoenix1793MG: and we're up there for about 30 min
Phoenix1793MG: and these 4 girls walk out
Phoenix1793MG: and they're sorta staying away from us
Phoenix1793MG: and we away from them
Phoenix1793MG: but
Phoenix1793MG: finally, one of them pegs carroll
Phoenix1793MG: and we're like "ok... bring it on" and we have a big 4v4
Phoenix1793MG: and i make a fool out of myself by flinging about 18 snowballs really far, but really off target
Phoenix1793MG: but it was a lot of fun
TwEEtrpEEp: ha
Phoenix1793MG: and of course, there was one of them... that i swore was in college
Phoenix1793MG: and was really pretty and all... and really controntational in close contact
Phoenix1793MG: confrontational*
Phoenix1793MG: and so... i thought to myself, "she's cool"
Phoenix1793MG: anyway
Phoenix1793MG: so
Phoenix1793MG: carroll and richards get tired of that
Phoenix1793MG: and they're like "come on matt, lets go get some snowboards and go down the wheat street hill"
Phoenix1793MG: and im like "oh... kay"
Phoenix1793MG: and they walk off
Phoenix1793MG: and the girl... who of course happens to live right next to carroll
Phoenix1793MG: invites me for some hot chocolate and hot marshmallows
Phoenix1793MG: and im like
Phoenix1793MG: heck yea
Phoenix1793MG: and i ditched carroll
Phoenix1793MG: so, we hung out for an hour or so
Phoenix1793MG: then i went home
Phoenix1793MG: oh oh
Phoenix1793MG: before i went home
Phoenix1793MG: i got her phone number, of course
Phoenix1793MG: and turns out...
TwEEtrpEEp: what
Phoenix1793MG signed off at 10:15:35 PM.
Phoenix1793MG signed on at 10:15:37 PM.
Phoenix1793MG: ok, i was booted
Phoenix1793MG: what was the last thing you heard?
TwEEtrpEEp: Phoenix1793MG: and turns out..
Phoenix1793MG: she was the youngest of them all
Phoenix1793MG: but we'll get int othat later
Phoenix1793MG: so
Phoenix1793MG: i go home
Phoenix1793MG: and i go to sleep
Phoenix1793MG: and get up especially early the next day
Phoenix1793MG: haha 9:00
Phoenix1793MG: and eat
Phoenix1793MG: and get dressed
TwEEtrpEEp: uh huh
Phoenix1793MG: and call and then walk up to her house
Phoenix1793MG: and she's out in front of her house
Phoenix1793MG: she and her father are sliding down their really-steep driveway
Phoenix1793MG: on this big red disc
Phoenix1793MG: and so i go down a few times
Phoenix1793MG: and she gets a phone all
Phoenix1793MG: call*
Phoenix1793MG: so we walk over to her friends house over by the park near me
Phoenix1793MG signed off at 10:18:25 PM.
Phoenix1793MG signed on at 10:18:27 PM.
Phoenix1793MG: damnit
Phoenix1793MG: booted again
TwEEtrpEEp: what is with it
Phoenix1793MG: what did you hear last?
TwEEtrpEEp: "park near me"
Phoenix1793MG: jees
TwEEtrpEEp: ?
Phoenix1793MG: and we meet up with her
Phoenix1793MG: and then we go to the park
Phoenix1793MG: and the little kids torment us
Phoenix1793MG: and we're all getting cold
TwEEtrpEEp: friends house
Phoenix1793MG: so we go back to her friends house
Phoenix1793MG: and hang out there for about an hour
TwEEtrpEEp: uh huh
Phoenix1793MG: during which her brother walks in, and i almost kill myself thinking it was her (friend's) father
Phoenix1793MG: but i made it look smooth, of course
Phoenix1793MG: anyway
Phoenix1793MG: so we leave there
Phoenix1793MG: and we're walking back
Phoenix1793MG: and she's shivering
Phoenix1793MG: so i give her my nice heavy winter coat
Phoenix1793MG: and then we get back to her house
Phoenix1793MG: and we eat lunch
Phoenix1793MG: and then go into her room
Phoenix1793MG: and she shows us her base
Phoenix1793MG: bass
Phoenix1793MG: however you spell it
Phoenix1793MG: guitar
Phoenix1793MG: low guitar
Phoenix1793MG: when she's doing this
Phoenix1793MG: carroll walks into their house
Phoenix1793MG: and im like "oh shit"
Phoenix1793MG: should i stop?
TwEEtrpEEp: no go
Phoenix1793MG: why did you just block me???
TwEEtrpEEp: I got booted
Phoenix1793MG: oooh
TwEEtrpEEp: AOL satan
Phoenix1793MG: haha
Phoenix1793MG: what was the last thing?
TwEEtrpEEp: "and I'm like Oh shit"
Phoenix1793MG: shoot that was a while ago
TwEEtrpEEp: sorry
Phoenix1793MG: "Carroll is gonna laugh at me for being here"
Phoenix1793MG: but
Phoenix1793MG: carroll just wants to go polar bear swimming in my pool
Phoenix1793MG: so we all walk down to my house
Phoenix1793MG: and we hang out in my room while the jacuzi is heating
Phoenix1793MG: then carroll does his thing
Phoenix1793MG: rachel's friend and carroll leave
Phoenix1793MG: and we hang out alone for about 10 min
TwEEtrpEEp signed off at 10:36:14 PM.
Phoenix1793MG: and she asks me if im doing anything the next day, and i say nope
Phoenix1793MG: caught up?
TwEEtrpEEp: yep
TwEEtrpEEp: go go go
Phoenix1793MG: ok
Phoenix1793MG: so next day
Phoenix1793MG: i call and ask what's going on
Phoenix1793MG: and she tells me to meet her in front of her house
Phoenix1793MG: and i go up there
Phoenix1793MG: and we try to slide down her driveway on what snow remains
Phoenix1793MG: and it doesnt work that well
Phoenix1793MG: and then we hang out in her back yard
Phoenix1793MG: and then she asks me to come with her to the happy bookseller
Phoenix1793MG: yadda yadda
Phoenix1793MG: we go there, spare you the long details
Phoenix1793MG: we go to blockbuster
TwEEtrpEEp: who drives
Phoenix1793MG: she confesses her love of star wars
Phoenix1793MG: her father
TwEEtrpEEp: oh
Phoenix1793MG: she's not quite of age
TwEEtrpEEp: what is she 12
Phoenix1793MG: no, haha
Phoenix1793MG: she's 5'10"
Phoenix1793MG: but anyway
Phoenix1793MG: thats all so fat
TwEEtrpEEp: ?
Phoenix1793MG: couldnt do anything today
Phoenix1793MG: she's 14
Phoenix1793MG: frestman
Phoenix1793MG: at dreger
TwEEtrpEEp: lol
Phoenix1793MG: dreher*
TwEEtrpEEp: freshman
Phoenix1793MG: hey, she's taller than you
TwEEtrpEEp: I can still put up a tent faster
Phoenix1793MG: not faster than me
TwEEtrpEEp: and why am I being compared to her?
Phoenix1793MG: i dunno
Phoenix1793MG: just felt like it
TwEEtrpEEp: I'm gonna throw the piggy off the hill
Phoenix1793MG: ???
TwEEtrpEEp: so what next
Phoenix1793MG: im gonna get her to come with me to a movie tomorrow
TwEEtrpEEp: what movie
Phoenix1793MG: not sure...
Phoenix1793MG: ill figure that out tomorrow morning
TwEEtrpEEp: hmm
TwEEtrpEEp: sounds intresting
TwEEtrpEEp: but not as intresting as my colorado man
Phoenix1793MG: ??
Phoenix1793MG: do tell
TwEEtrpEEp: James
TwEEtrpEEp: big border
TwEEtrpEEp: smart as hell
TwEEtrpEEp: great kisser
Phoenix1793MG: wait
Phoenix1793MG: waaaaaiiiiiit
Phoenix1793MG: whoooooooooooooa
Phoenix1793MG: slow down
TwEEtrpEEp: oa was on the end of that
TwEEtrpEEp: haha
Phoenix1793MG: ok
Phoenix1793MG: ok wait
Phoenix1793MG: ok ok
Phoenix1793MG: let me get this straight
Phoenix1793MG: no
Phoenix1793MG: noo
TwEEtrpEEp: what?
Phoenix1793MG: you mean you've heard from OTHER PEOPLE that he was a good kisser
TwEEtrpEEp: no
Phoenix1793MG: DAMN
TwEEtrpEEp: slow ski lifts
Phoenix1793MG: shit shit shit
Phoenix1793MG: shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
TwEEtrpEEp: what
TwEEtrpEEp: just swappin some spit
TwEEtrpEEp: kissing is so fun
Phoenix1793MG signed off at 10:45:37 PM.
Phoenix1793MG signed on at 10:53:48 PM.
Phoenix1793MG: ok
Phoenix1793MG: that was bad
Phoenix1793MG: my network thought i was an intruder
Phoenix1793MG: and... i build my networks to not be nice to intruders
TwEEtrpEEp: sounds bad
Phoenix1793MG: nah, my access codes worked
Phoenix1793MG: i just had a hell of a time getting to the command console
Phoenix1793MG: oh well
Phoenix1793MG: tell me about the colorado man
TwEEtrpEEp: james
Phoenix1793MG: tiberius kirk
TwEEtrpEEp: he bords, he's got dark brown hair
TwEEtrpEEp: sticks up in the front
TwEEtrpEEp: very cute
TwEEtrpEEp: humble
TwEEtrpEEp: gentleman, funny
Phoenix1793MG: hmm
Phoenix1793MG: sounds a lot like me... ya know, the humble part
Phoenix1793MG: aaaaaahaha
TwEEtrpEEp: lol
Phoenix1793MG: hey hey
Phoenix1793MG: so, was this a semester-long thing?
TwEEtrpEEp: just messin
Phoenix1793MG: love at first sight?
Phoenix1793MG: haha, yea, i'd hope so
TwEEtrpEEp: no it was when I went skiing
TwEEtrpEEp: in colorado
TwEEtrpEEp: last week
Phoenix1793MG: ooooh
Phoenix1793MG: what?!!?
Phoenix1793MG: EK!!
TwEEtrpEEp: what
Phoenix1793MG: for one week??
TwEEtrpEEp: yeah
Phoenix1793MG: i so thought you were above stuff like that
TwEEtrpEEp: it was just a flond
TwEEtrpEEp: * fling
Phoenix1793MG: i thought you were about... flings
TwEEtrpEEp: why not
Phoenix1793MG: well... i just thought...
Phoenix1793MG: you were...
Phoenix1793MG: i dont know
TwEEtrpEEp: I was what
Phoenix1793MG: i just thought your mentality was more like mine...
Phoenix1793MG: im not sure what that is
Phoenix1793MG: but its not that
TwEEtrpEEp: maybe you should try it first
Phoenix1793MG: ive been in situations like that also
TwEEtrpEEp: really
Phoenix1793MG: i just... hold to my standards, or try to
Phoenix1793MG: yea, north dakota breeds... curious girls
TwEEtrpEEp: uh huh
TwEEtrpEEp: girls flinging themselves at you
TwEEtrpEEp: knocks you down sometimes
Phoenix1793MG: be quiet
Phoenix1793MG: there were two girls
Phoenix1793MG: who, im betting, would've gone into the one-movie movie theatre with me for a nice long makeout session if i'd wanted
TwEEtrpEEp: riiiiighhhht
Phoenix1793MG: you dont believe me?
TwEEtrpEEp: I don't believe everything I hear
Phoenix1793MG: would it make it more human if i said i met one of them in the hardware store? hahaha
TwEEtrpEEp: 10 cents a screw
Phoenix1793MG: hahaha, i wish
Phoenix1793MG: the other... i dont remember
Phoenix1793MG: listen the point is... i never would've imagined you'd do that
TwEEtrpEEp: because I didn't
Phoenix1793MG: good
Phoenix1793MG: good good good
Phoenix1793MG: all of this was a joke?
TwEEtrpEEp: yeah
Phoenix1793MG: thank goodness
TwEEtrpEEp: haha
TwEEtrpEEp: why
Phoenix1793MG: you need to talk to my cousin
Phoenix1793MG: tyler
Phoenix1793MG: you'd like him a lot
TwEEtrpEEp: what?!
Phoenix1793MG: now that you're the outdoorsy type
Phoenix1793MG: no... i mean he's cool
Phoenix1793MG: he lives in north dakota
Phoenix1793MG: im not suggesting THAT kind of like
TwEEtrpEEp: I've been ourdoorsy for a long time
TwEEtrpEEp: just underground outdoorsy
Phoenix1793MG: you mean sheltered outdoosy?
Phoenix1793MG: doorsy*
Phoenix1793MG: he's my only cool cousin
TwEEtrpEEp: underground
Phoenix1793MG: ok
Phoenix1793MG: AAAAAH
Phoenix1793MG: the song!!
TwEEtrpEEp: ?
Phoenix1793MG: the song you dont like
TwEEtrpEEp: ?
Phoenix1793MG: fat bottomed girls?
Phoenix1793MG: make the rockin' world go round
Phoenix1793MG: do you like the song "fade?"
TwEEtrpEEp: oh shut up
TwEEtrpEEp: fade what
Phoenix1793MG: ive really changed my taste in music
Phoenix1793MG: fade--staind
Phoenix1793MG wants to directly connect.
Phoenix1793MG cancels request; no connection was made.
Phoenix1793MG: make direct connection
TwEEtrpEEp: I haven't heard hardly anything
Phoenix1793MG: i cant-- im behind a firewall
TwEEtrpEEp wants to directly connect.
Phoenix1793MG: well, ill reintroduce you
Phoenix1793MG: i accepted...
Phoenix1793MG: hmm
Phoenix1793MG has not responded; no connection was made. (If you and your buddy are each behind a different firewall, then the connection will not work; check with your network administrator if you are not sure about your firewall status. You should also try going into the Talk or IM Images sections of AIM preferences and toggle the 'Use Address' option.).
TwEEtrpEEp: didn't work
Phoenix1793MG: let me try
Phoenix1793MG wants to directly connect.
Phoenix1793MG: oh well
Phoenix1793MG cancels request; no connection was made.
Phoenix1793MG: i hate it when that wont work
Phoenix1793MG: do you have limewire?
TwEEtrpEEp: not on this computer
Phoenix1793MG: hmm...
Phoenix1793MG: ?
TwEEtrpEEp: what?
Phoenix1793MG: is that your email
TwEEtrpEEp: yeah
Phoenix1793MG: ok... one sec
TwEEtrpEEp: but I can't check it here
TwEEtrpEEp: I'm at my dads
Phoenix1793MG: aah, shoot
Phoenix1793MG: what email do i send it to?
TwEEtrpEEp: yodagurl
Phoenix1793MG: ?
Phoenix1793MG: sorry, new computer
Phoenix1793MG: i have no email addys
Phoenix1793MG: oh... close
Phoenix1793MG: alright... its uploading
Phoenix1793MG: this'll become your favorite song
Phoenix1793MG: im sure of it
Phoenix1793MG: its good
Phoenix1793MG: i like it
TwEEtrpEEp: doubt it
Phoenix1793MG: what sort of music are you now into then?
TwEEtrpEEp: shake your ass around my casket
Phoenix1793MG: huh??
TwEEtrpEEp: thats the music i'm in to
Phoenix1793MG: give me a like-genre
TwEEtrpEEp: I couldent sleep so i took a pill with a dirty glass of water
TwEEtrpEEp: I listen to everything
Phoenix1793MG: ok
Phoenix1793MG: this is good
TwEEtrpEEp: rock, pop, country, techno, bluegrass, alternative
Phoenix1793MG: country?!!?
Phoenix1793MG: you!?
TwEEtrpEEp: besides some oldies
Phoenix1793MG: of course
Phoenix1793MG: queen
Phoenix1793MG: rem
Phoenix1793MG: aerosmith
TwEEtrpEEp: heard the song about private malone
Phoenix1793MG: yes
Phoenix1793MG: i was just out of the service...
Phoenix1793MG: thumbin' through the classifieds...
Phoenix1793MG: when an ad that said "old chevy"
Phoenix1793MG: somehow caught my eye
TwEEtrpEEp: good song
Phoenix1793MG: the lady didnt know the year
Phoenix1793MG: or even if it ran
Phoenix1793MG: MY MOTHER HAD A 66 VET!
TwEEtrpEEp: I likes it
Phoenix1793MG: i was so pissed when i learned that
TwEEtrpEEp: volxwagon
TwEEtrpEEp: mmmmm
Phoenix1793MG: she had the best year
Phoenix1793MG: the best color
Phoenix1793MG: manual
Phoenix1793MG: aaah
Phoenix1793MG: i would die for that car
TwEEtrpEEp: no you woulden't
Phoenix1793MG: i would give a toe for it though
Phoenix1793MG: that would be the best car
Phoenix1793MG: a '66 vet
TwEEtrpEEp: ok
Phoenix1793MG: ok, sorry
Phoenix1793MG: riding with private malone
Phoenix1793MG: eagles?
TwEEtrpEEp: what
Phoenix1793MG: alright, check your mail
Phoenix1793MG: i hope 5 mb will fit in your yahoo mail
Phoenix1793MG: if not, ill put in on my tripod page
TwEEtrpEEp: I doubt it will fit on yahoo
Phoenix1793MG: shoot
Phoenix1793MG: check anyway
Phoenix1793MG: then ill put it on tripod
TwEEtrpEEp: ok
Phoenix1793MG: uploading to tripod...
Phoenix1793MG: did you get in on yahoo?
Phoenix1793MG: alright... its ready on tripod, if you need
Phoenix1793MG: ????
Phoenix1793MG: ek!
TwEEtrpEEp: sorry
TwEEtrpEEp: had to take care of something
Phoenix1793MG: alright
Phoenix1793MG: yahoo work?
TwEEtrpEEp: hold please
Phoenix1793MG: paph
Phoenix1793MG: ok
TwEEtrpEEp: are you named wayne
Phoenix1793MG: um
Phoenix1793MG: no
TwEEtrpEEp: whats your new girl's name
Phoenix1793MG: she isnt really my new girl
Phoenix1793MG: i just like her
Phoenix1793MG: and hope she likes me
Phoenix1793MG: rachel
TwEEtrpEEp: rachel who
TwEEtrpEEp: and the e-mail didn't work
Phoenix1793MG: ok
Phoenix1793MG: here...
Phoenix1793MG: 3
TwEEtrpEEp: cool
TwEEtrpEEp: doesent work though
TwEEtrpEEp: oh well
TwEEtrpEEp: you're so brave
TwEEtrpEEp: so brave and wonderful
Phoenix1793MG: what doesnt work?
Phoenix1793MG: cant find the file?
Phoenix1793MG: might've mistyped the url
TwEEtrpEEp: brave wonderful matt
TwEEtrpEEp: girls fling themselves at your muscular pecs
TwEEtrpEEp: swimmer shoulders are so hot
Phoenix1793MG: huh?
Phoenix1793MG: um...
Phoenix1793MG: why thank you
TwEEtrpEEp: you heard me you sexy beast
Phoenix1793MG: haha, i know... finally you've come to your senses
Phoenix1793MG: what spawned that?
TwEEtrpEEp: you're just so impressive
TwEEtrpEEp: you fill up a room
TwEEtrpEEp: I've seen girls check you out
Phoenix1793MG: yea, riight
TwEEtrpEEp: and you're computer is so damn fast
TwEEtrpEEp: and how you type lyrics on im
TwEEtrpEEp: it's such a turn on
Phoenix1793MG: ok, you can really stop now
TwEEtrpEEp: you're swimmers hair is like a refreshing summer breeze
TwEEtrpEEp: I just want to run my fingers through it
TwEEtrpEEp: and how you acts with your cats
Phoenix1793MG: thats rhymes...
Phoenix1793MG: sorta
Phoenix1793MG: ebonic rhyme
Phoenix1793MG: YES
Phoenix1793MG: OH
Phoenix1793MG: THATS GOOD
TwEEtrpEEp: and your computer jargon
TwEEtrpEEp: how you say big words and think no one understands you
TwEEtrpEEp: megabyte
TwEEtrpEEp: and gigahertz
Phoenix1793MG: wow, you spelled it right
Phoenix1793MG: ok, moving on
TwEEtrpEEp: moving on to what? you're muscily back?
TwEEtrpEEp: you're sexy sunglasses
TwEEtrpEEp: and your stride when you run with your laptop in hand
TwEEtrpEEp: ?
Phoenix1793MG: i pulled something in my back yesterday
Phoenix1793MG: i cant twist
Phoenix1793MG: i was moving some heavy boxes...
TwEEtrpEEp: so reverse it
Phoenix1793MG: do you know your class schedule?
TwEEtrpEEp: I know yours
TwEEtrpEEp: I haven't even been at school
Phoenix1793MG: you know mine??
Phoenix1793MG: how?
TwEEtrpEEp: I know everything about you
Phoenix1793MG: haha ok
Phoenix1793MG: what was my time in the 100 fly in the last state meet?
Phoenix1793MG: aaaaaaah haha
TwEEtrpEEp: fast
TwEEtrpEEp: as always
Phoenix1793MG: stop!!!!
TwEEtrpEEp: long and fast
Phoenix1793MG: aah
TwEEtrpEEp: you fill up my days
TwEEtrpEEp: you're the first thing I think about when i wake up
TwEEtrpEEp: and the last when I go to sleep
Phoenix1793MG: i confess, you are for me too!!
Phoenix1793MG: i must confess!
TwEEtrpEEp: you run through my mind all day
Phoenix1793MG: my undying love....
TwEEtrpEEp: I bed you get so tired
TwEEtrpEEp: when you look around and you are feeling watched
Phoenix1793MG: my gosh
Phoenix1793MG: because im watching you
TwEEtrpEEp: really?
Phoenix1793MG: yes
Phoenix1793MG: i confess
Phoenix1793MG: my deepest secret
Phoenix1793MG: i dream of you
Phoenix1793MG: every night
Phoenix1793MG: restless nights
TwEEtrpEEp: what do you dream about
Phoenix1793MG: you
Phoenix1793MG: what do you think?
TwEEtrpEEp: think of what
Phoenix1793MG: alright, moving on
Phoenix1793MG: im getting freaked out
Phoenix1793MG: i was hoping to freak you out before you did me
TwEEtrpEEp: shake your ass around my casket
Phoenix1793MG: but... it didnt work
Phoenix1793MG: um, .... riight
TwEEtrpEEp: I'm the princess that gets the pony
Phoenix1793MG: haha
Phoenix1793MG: everclear is good
TwEEtrpEEp: yep
Phoenix1793MG: aaah
TwEEtrpEEp: except all their divorce songs
Phoenix1793MG: oh, yea...
Phoenix1793MG: arent all of them about divorce??
TwEEtrpEEp: what
Phoenix1793MG: oh, nm
Phoenix1793MG: excited about returning to hhes on monday?
Phoenix1793MG: (though unhappy its not oa)
TwEEtrpEEp: no
TwEEtrpEEp: I am dreading it
Phoenix1793MG: why???
Phoenix1793MG: im looking forward to seeing you again
Phoenix1793MG: you need to also hear (old song) "Don't Stop Me Now"
Phoenix1793MG: queen...
TwEEtrpEEp: cool
Phoenix1793MG: yep yep
Phoenix1793MG: saaaaave me!!!
TwEEtrpEEp: what
Phoenix1793MG: my battery was about to die
Phoenix1793MG: had to plug my comp in
TwEEtrpEEp: oh
Phoenix1793MG: yea
Phoenix1793MG: what're you doing?
TwEEtrpEEp: quilting
Phoenix1793MG: eh??
TwEEtrpEEp: quilting for YOU matt
Phoenix1793MG: haha, yay, im cold at night
TwEEtrpEEp: I can't stand you
TwEEtrpEEp: what makes you think I'd make a whole quilt just for you
TwEEtrpEEp: and I don't want you to shake your ass around my casket
Phoenix1793MG: ok...
TwEEtrpEEp: infact, don't shake your ass anywhere around me
Phoenix1793MG: im ::sniff:: sorry
TwEEtrpEEp: I hope you're shaking your ass far far away from me
Phoenix1793MG: im not even shaking my ass
Phoenix1793MG: ???
Phoenix1793MG: change of heart?
TwEEtrpEEp: change of ass
Phoenix1793MG: fat bottomed girls... make the rockin world go round
TwEEtrpEEp: ( y )
TwEEtrpEEp: ( Y )
Phoenix1793MG: /..\
Phoenix1793MG: /,.\
Phoenix1793MG: EEEW
Phoenix1793MG: look into my eyes
Phoenix1793MG: ???
Phoenix1793MG: ??
TwEEtrpEEp: ?????
Phoenix1793MG: talk to me
TwEEtrpEEp: what do you want me to say
Phoenix1793MG: i dunno
Phoenix1793MG: whatcha doing?
TwEEtrpEEp: talking
TwEEtrpEEp: listening to music
Phoenix1793MG: to whom?
Phoenix1793MG: same
Phoenix1793MG: what music?
TwEEtrpEEp: punk
TwEEtrpEEp: emo
TwEEtrpEEp: random stuff
Phoenix1793MG: punk me too
Phoenix1793MG: hehe
Phoenix1793MG: if you consider limp bizkit punk
Phoenix1793MG: oh well, im out
TwEEtrpEEp: bye
Phoenix1793MG signed off at 1:09:09 AM.