Movie Reviews By ME


I’m just going to list all the movies that I can think of that I’ve seen and tell ya what I think of them, mmmkay? Alrighty then.  These are not in order eather…



Okay I’m going to start off with the kid’s movies because I’ve seen a ton of those.


A Bug’s Life:  I love this movie.  Even if it is a kid’s flick, these cute bugs I think are hilarious.  It’s a typical plot for Disney, the ant colony is in trouble, the misfit saves the day… some mushy moments, but no real thick romance.  I love the circus bugs.  A great family movie.  Really good graphics.


Toy Story:  This is another great family movie.  I love hearing Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in there.  This was a newer Disney plot, a new toy added to the crowd with a bad attitude and it takes an adventure to make him realize that he is just as good as everyone else.  I love this one too.


Toy Story 2:  The sequel to Toy Story, I think it was even better.  New characters, new story, Woody (voice of Tom Hanks) is getting shipped to Japan to be put in a toy museum with some other toys made with his “set”.  Woody has to choose between being loved by his boy or going to Japan.  I thought this was a riot.  The “bloopers” at the end are even better.  Great Graphics.


101 Dalmatians (animated):  Ooh, this was a favorite of mine when I was younger.  I love all the puppies; their personalities are so awesome too.  A great family movie that I think has been forgotten.  I love this story… everyone knows it so I’m not going to explain it.


101 Dalmatians (real life):  rrr, this was okay. I thought Cruella was really scary looking.  I didn’t like it as much as the animated version.


The Little Mermaid:  EEEH!!! I love this movie.  The songs in it are kinda long, and when I saw it in the theater when I was little, my mom said I couldn’t stop crying after Ursula was on.  She is really scary.  This is a great movie for all little girls.


Peter Pan:  I went through a spell with this movie where I could never return it to the Blockbuster because I kept wanting to see it.  I watched it over and over and over and over…  I love the story… And all the animals that play the parts make it come to life.


The Jungle Book (animated): This is another really good one.  I love the songs in this one also, and the characters are awesome.  Everyone should know the story….


The Jungle Book (real life):  Not as good as the animated version.  Kinda scary….


Cinderella:  This was one of my favorites also… lol a lot of favorites.  EVERYONE knows this story… My favorite part in it is when the mice sing while making Cinderella’s dress… Cinderellie Cinderellie….


Hook:  This is an awesome movie.  Robin Williams is awesome in it.  He was perfectly casted.  This is the basic Peter Pan story but with a few changes.  They are good changes though.  Hilarious.  Might be kinda scary for a really young audience.


Babe:  OOH this is a good movie.  Made after the book by Dick-King Smith (really good book too) this is a riot.  A wonderful movie for the 6+ I think.  One of the sheep dies… really sad.  About a pig that can herd sheep because it was raised by border collies.  A classic.


Annie (the old one):  This movie, made after the Broadway hit, it a great one for any age and the whole family.  About an orphan who gets taken in by a powerful rich man and changes his life.  You might end up paying for a red wig and singing lesions after you kid sees this one parents…  I always wanted to be Annie…


Fantasia (old one):  This movie scared me, to be blunt, when I watched it when I was about… 4.  Good movie for a 6+ audience though I think.  An assortment of different things, kinda abstract.  Great family movie, good music.


Beauty and the Beast:  Great music!! Loved it.  About a girl who gets basically kidnapped by a monster… and how they fall in love.  I really loved this movie.


Alice in Wonderland:  This is a classic also, but I found it kindove scary when I was younger.  Everyone knows that story…. The mad hatter was scary... so was the queen.


Sleeping Beauty:  This is a great one for the girls.  Same old story too.  Cute.


Snow White:  I love this one.  It was the first animated movie Disney ever did.  The seven dwarfs are cute…


Thumbalena (however you spell it): This was okay… I didn’t like it a whole lot. About a tiny fairy type girl and some dude who falls in love with her.  Bad music.


A Muppet Movie:  I love this one.  I think that this is what it’s called, where the moppets are in New York City and they have friends in a restaurant and they have to save something… its really cute.  Great family movie.


Pee Wee’s big Adventure:  Strangeness…. Strangeness…. This is not a children’s movie I don’t think.  It’s about the adventures Pee Wee Herman goes on when trying to find his stolen bike.  Pretty funny if you have a twisted sense of humor….


Christmas on 34th Street:  This is a classic that I adore.  It’s about the real Santa Clause being the store Santa Clause at I think Tapp’s or something, and how he has to prove that he is really Santa, while a romance is going on.  Very cute, perfect for Christmas Eve with the whole family.


It’s a wonderful Life:  I like Christmas on 34th street better, but this is pretty good too.  It’s a really really long movie.  Everyone has seen this….


Homeward Bound 1: I think that this was made from a book.  Good movie for kids, about the adventures of how two dogs and a cat (all can talk) get back to their family in the middle of nowhere.  I loved this…


Land Before Time 1:  This was a great movie.  I used to watch it at least once a week every summer for about 3 or 4 years… It’s about some baby dinosaurs that are in search of their parents or something like that… really good.   I know they made 298758923 sequels but I like the first one.


Jurassic Park:  This, to me, was not nearly as good as all the hype that surrounded it.  I saw this when I was in 6th grade I think, and it came out a long time before that, and I thought it was stupid.  Everyone said that the book was so much better.


ET:  This is a good movie, but to this day it scares me.  I had nightmares about it when I was little after I had seen it.  There are some scenes of ET starving and stuff, and scenes of ET in a hospital type setting with Elliot that were extremely unsettling for me.  It’s neat to see Drew Barrymore as a little kid though…


Titanic:  uhh…. That dreaded word.  This movie was pretty good; the story of the Titanic has always sparked my interest.  The movie is too long.  I ended up almost saying aloud, “Just die!  Die!!!”  because Rose and Jack seem to escape every form of death possible through their undying love.  How sweet, how 4 HOURS.  Pretty good movie… gets a little boring.


The Blair Witch Project:  This movie scared the hell out of me.  I get scared easily though.  The story line and filming is the most creative part about this, and the fact that there is basically no violence is really neat.  There’s no blood either, this movie, if it is scary to you, is scary through your mind vs. using blood and violence.  I found it extremely awesome for a really scary movie.  Only for the viewer who doesn’t mind to be scared.


Sleepy Hollow:  Too violent.  A good mystery, but the chopping off of heads gets boring after the 5th head rolls.  I love that guy though…  It’s the story of the headless horseman—so everyone knows that.


Edward Scissor Hands:  I love this movie!!!  The colors and feelings you get are great.  Pretty strange though… It’s about a guy with blades as fingers, sorta, and how he deals with life in a 50s ish town.  Really creative.  Some people might not understand it…


Grease:  aaah… Grease.  Those catchy songs and how you always wanted to be that girl.  MM… no explanation here—see it for yourself.  Great music.


Romeo and Juliet (the one with Leo in it):  This is a truly strange movie.  Set in modern times, sorta, in the middle of nowhere, using straight Shakespeare.  I thought it was great personally, but some might not like it.  The soundtrack is really interesting too, one of my favorites.  Leo Dicaprio is awesome in this, but Clare Danes I believe was miscasted.


Superstar:  This is a hilarious Saturday Night Live movie~ one where it really is good all the way through.  Mary Catherine Galligher, a dork in a catholic school, falls for the most popular guy there.  She discovers herself while practicing for a contest… very funny, the first time.


Wayne’s World 1:  This is an okay SNL extended clip.  I liked Wayne’s World without the movie, but the movie is okay too.  Mike Myers is awesome in anything… About how Wayne and Garth organize a concert and try to make it work with some romance in there too.


Ferris Buler’s day Off:  WATCH THIS MOVIE!!!  It’s one of the funniest things you will ever see.  It’s about a high school student and his friends and their antics while they are playing hooky.  A great movie—but some bad words.


City of Angels:  mm… This was okay.  A real romance, about and angel that falls in love with a human, and becomes human to be with her.  Cute… a little strange.  Nick Cage’s eyes never shut…


Big:  This is a cute movie with Tom Hanks as a kid who wished to be an adult.  While he is an adult he falls in love with a woman, but he changes back to being a kid.  Really cute movie.


Forest Gump:  This is one of my favorite movies of all time.  Everyone’s heard the quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates…” This movie also has special meaning to me—My uncles shrimp boat was in it- he and his family all got to meet the cast too.  I think that that is so beyond cool…. I can’t explain this movie… just see it.  A great family movie with older children.


The Cider House Rules:  WOW.  This really was a wonderful movie.  I was bawling all the way through it.  The whole thing was about abortion.  I found it to be very moving.  About a guy who grew up in an orphanage and went to pick apples and his encounters along the way.  Many interesting twists and turns.  Love it.  Great method of birth control… lol.


Clueless:  ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING!!!  This hilarious vally-girl flick staring whats-her-face from bat man is soooo funny….


Where the Heart Is:  A really awesome semi-chick flick staring Natalie Portman.  This movie, done from the book Where the Heart is by Billie Letts I think, really does a wonderful job of telling the same story as the book.  Loved the book and the movie, worthy of seeing more than once.


Sphere:  Weird movie done after the book Sphere by Michael C. (same author as Jurassic Park and Lost World and junk like that).  It was kinda freaky… sorta good.  Got me to thinking.


Men in Black:  Love it!!!  Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are so funny in this.  Can’t describe it, directed by Steven Speilburg.


Independence Day:  Umm.. not as good as Men in Black.  Sortave like Alien II.  I didn’t like it that much.  That song at the end by REM is better than the whole movie.


Ten Things I hate about You:  This was really funny.  I liked it, sortave a chick flick then sortave not.


Okay people I am going to update this when I get time, I’ve seen way too many movies… this is not even half way done, but it’s a huge job.  Hopefully I’ll get to it soon.