Elizabeth's Olympic Fan Page

Dude, the Olympics rule. If you're an idiot who doesent watch the Olympics then get out of this page, because I eat, sleep and watch the Olympics. I went to the 1996 Atlanta games, I've got the pins, the shirts, and the TV on NBC 24/7. You bet I like the Olympics. So this is the page where I show you my favorate athletes and ... yeah.

OK. This is Ian Thorpe.

That's him right after he won a swimming race. Ian Thorpe is a very popular 17-year-old Australian who kicks butt at swimming. He's wona ton of junk because he is so good. His shoe size matches his age, he wears a size 17. His popular nickname is the "Thorpedo". He is 6'2 I think, and really strong. Some people are wondering how come he's so fast and stuff, well, according to NBC, one reason is his arm span. It's freakin huge. His arms are longer than any other persons arms he's compeating with, making his strokes larger. To keep up with the larger arm strokes of the "Thorpedo", the other people have to make more strokes for each one that Ian makes. This is harder and uses more energy from other competitors, so Ian wins a lot. This next picture of Ian Thorpe is of his arm span while swimming.

You go Ian Thorpe!!! WHOOOHOOO!!!

Ok. The next athlete that I really like is Marion Jones. She's the new "star" of track and field. She's an American (GO USA!!) and she runs really fast. She has already won the title of "fastest woman on earth" when she won her first gold medal. Marion Jones is also really good at Basketball, and coaches a team at her home in North Carolina. She's married to an Olympic Shot-Putter. Marion Jones has a really good attitude and really wants to win. This is how big of a margin there was when she was running the 100M:

She rocks! It was almost a blur to watch this race!!! And of course she won...


And this is Naoko Takahashi. You say it nah-OH-koh tah-kah-HAH-shi. She's from Japan, and she won the Gold in the women's marathon. I watched her run too, she really was persistant and totally deserved what she won. When she crossed the finish line, you coulden't help but cheer, I did alone in my living room. The marathon is a big deal in Japan, so everyone is saying she will move to America to live to avoid all the celebrity junk she'll run into in Japan. She trained in the US for this event. Go Naoko!!!!!!!! yay!

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