Alright, this is a poem that my good best friend Perrin wrote when she was going through some icky boy trouble, and I totally can relate to it. You go Perrin! You go girl!!!!! :-D

I <3 you! - Elizabeth



Move On


Why do I love him though he turns the other way?

Why do I love him if he just wants some play?

What is it inside me that wants him so much?

I guess I just miss that feel, that feel of his touch.

I know I'm in love with that person he used to be.

But that person is gone even though he should be with me.

Why is it I keep reminising in this shit that's only hurting me?

Why can't I forget, move, on be free?

Why am I so drawn to him even though I know he's gone?

Why can't I do it? He fucking moved on.

It seems as though it will never end, this passion, this pain, this obsession.

Sometimes I feel I haved moved on, but I know my feelings haven't changed.

What a life I have; Just writing shit about nothing. This isn't love.

It's an obsession.

Move on! He doesn't love you!

It's only when I see him or talk to him, that's when I feel it, that tingly love feeling.

I wish it would go away.