Okay, I'm sorry, I know I'm weird, but peeps are just too cool. You have to agree, they arn't that great to eat, unless you toast them in an oven, but I've always felt guilty for eating peeps. This easter candy is by far the coolest and cutest looking confection you will find. This is my shrine to Peeps.


Peeps are made by a company called JustBorn. They also make bunnies and stuff that are made out of the same weird stuff peeps are made of, but not as cute.


If you are sadistic, you can put peeps in a microwave and watch how they melt. I am kindove sadistic, so I've done that. It's pretty fun if you're bored.


Ever wonder what the Peep's eyes are made of? So do I. I used to think it could be wax, but now I think maybe not. When I was little, I thought it was choclate, but it's not that eather. If you know what this tasteless stuff is, please tell me. I'm still trying to figure it out.


Peeps are awsome. Thats just all there is to it. They don't taste great, no one likes to eat them, but they are so cool to look at, and you can squish them. They arn't that bad to eat stale eather if I remember correctly. There is also a growing intrest in peep mutilation. Many sites will burn peeps, freeze peeps, do just about everything to peeps, and document it on the web. I'm not putting links to those sites on here, but if you follow the link to more links, you can find some of those sites. It's pretty weird...

Here are some awsome peepy links!

A really informative fan page./, just like hamsterdance but with peeps.../

The official Peep site made by JustBorn (C)/

A really awsome peep links site/

Peep porn! This is hilarious!(it's all a joke... it's okay kids,)


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