some PICTURES you might want to look at

Reading Day May 25 2001

Carman, Yates, and me.

Carman, Yates, and me again.


John's chowing down on some pizza.



EGG, Amanda, and Carman C.

EGG, Amanda, and Carman C. acting silly

It was a picture of Yates, but check out Trey and Maggie in the background... :o

Trey and Maggie

Perrin.... how funny is this.

Did you think the last picture was funny? Look at this one. (!)

Carman's hair is SOOOO long and pretty!!!!! ahiieee!!!

Morris is such a dork.


My backpack! yay

These were taken on March 23, 2001 at Mr. Russell's "Last Lunch". NooooooooOOOo, not the last supper, the last LUNCH. We had cheese and triscuits, corn chips and salsa, and LIMES!!! It was lots of fun. I can't believe the best part about my freshman year is over!!!! :(

Limes have become a ritual in Mr. Russell's room.

William likes to eat the limes

When William eats the limes, his face gets contorted...

Yates likes eating limes too.

His face also gets contorted.

Kate drinks some choclate milk.

William brought some Brie and Triscuits to eat. mmmm...

Perrin one day will be in a triscuit commercial

OOOh! Triscuits!

Yates eating some food...

Mr Russell on his computer. Notice the Georga Bulldog desktop on the computer screen... hahahaa.

Perrin breaks into the salsa

Perrin gets really excited about the salsa

Perrin and Patrick munch on chips and salsa

Katie is writing something on the board...

Mr. Russell got caught eating some cheese... mmmmm cheese... have you got any winsleydale?

The whole bunch, plus Yates, who does tend to wander in and out-- Notice William in his gallant pose.

The bunch again, just sillier... aw funnn!!!! I'm going to miss freshman Russell Room lunches... just wait till sophmore Russell Room lunches!!! yay.

More random pictures.

Brady under the M&S building.

Brady and Olivia and Brady's dixie chick Peepers (during Latin).

Brady and Peepers


Peepy again!!!

David getting intamate with a small football... hmm.

Mr. Jaques and Al.

Trey laughing at David

Yates smiling at the camera

Adam and William playing poker... underage too... shame.. shame...

Seung-Hee and her brother...

I saw this on the road one day.

Me and some of my homies in D.C.

Picture of Amanda and I in Union Station in DC.

The thesbians of HHES and their friends after a Wanna Play? performance.

Derrick squints at the camera.

People on Stairs.

Yates in all his glory.

No explanation...

no explanation here eather......

My dog Sam

Picture of Taylor durring one of his cross country meets. RUUUUNNN TAAAAAAAYLOOOORRRRR, RRRRUUUUUUNNNN!!! :)

Aw, I think something suprised William.

Matt without his Human costume on

An animation I made myself of Derrick~ this is what he looks like when he laughs.

Ever wonder where the AOL man is always running to?

Derrick, Yates, and Chris in Perrin's backyard. Big file.

Kala last year doing her ever famous "fat bug impression. Big File

Bunch of peeps at Perrin's halloween bash '99. Big File

Just a picture of Derrick in a rare form, actually smiling! Big File.

Erik, so photogenic. Big File.

Katie and I eating pizza at the mall. Big File.

The new girls! Maggie and Shawn. Big File.

Erik was a hobo for Halloween. Big File.

Perrin as Brittany Spears! You drive me CRAY-ZEE! Big File.

Some pictures of meeeee:)

Picture of me in my Spring LPT getup.

Another picture of me in my Spring LPT getup.

And another picture of me in my Spring LPT getup.


Me again.

Me with my dad's old truck Bubba in the background.

Me leaning on a tree. How can that be?! (rhyme!)

The following pictures were taken on a ski trip I went on with some people. Just so you know.

Me with ski clothes on and you can't see my mouth.

My mom, Matthew, and I in the Ski Lodge.

Derrick, Matthew, Erik, and I by the fireplace.

A picture of Me smiling. It is pretty cool.

Derrick and I comming inside from Skiing.

I'll try to add more as I get them and figure out all this loading junk. rrr HTML is so confusing.