This is just the space under my bed, the closet you stuff things into when you don't feel like putting it anywhere else, and that stack of papers on your desk. Most of these are cliques... some weird stuff might be in there....


why? :: for fun

Check this out: We like to party, we like to dance, we try to get guys in our pants, we liket o drink, we like to score, cuz we're the girls of 2004! More where that came from at the site below... that stuff's pretty darn funny.

Class of 2004 poems

And another one

Class of 2004 poems

lumos! j Hedwig

Haven't you noticed? trent

I am an Internet Queen

I'm A Genie In A Bottle Baby ~ RUB ME AND I'LL SLAP YOU

I just realized something. I have a huge crush on Dave Matthews! He's so cute. I love you Dave!!!!! Marry me!!!!!! I have a huge crush on Trent from Daria too. The hottest cartoon you'll ever see....

not a barbie girl class of 2004 rhyme and reason
-i luv 2 chew gum!-
html saved my life Tina the Troubled Teen virtual sheep are cool troubled girl

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