Songs you need to hear

These are songs I like, just a long list, for no reason...

Ah Ha-Take on Me



Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman-Time To Say Goodbye

ABBA-Dancing Queen

Ace of Base-Don't Turn Around

Ace of Base-I saw the Sign

Ace of Base-All that She Wants

Ace of Base-Beautiful Life

Adam Sandler-Sloppy Joe

Aimee Mann-One is the Lonliest Number

Amiee Mann-Save Me

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Phantom of the Opera

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Take that Look off your face

Andrew Lloyd Webber-All I ask of You

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Magical Mr. Mistoffelees

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Superstar

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Memory

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Starlight Express

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Pie Jesu

Andrew Lloyd Webber-Requem

Alanis Morsette-Head Over Feet

Alanis Morsette-You Oughtta Know

American Beauty Theme

Aqua-Barbie Girl


Aqua-Happy Boys & Girls

Aqua-My Oh My

Ass Pony-Little Bastard

Beth Heart-Leaving on a Jet Plane

Beastie Boys-Girls

Beastie Boys-Sabotage

Beastie Boys-Intergalactic

Beastie Boys-Brass Monkey

Beastie Boys-Body Moving

Beatles- EVERYTHING! Especially: Pennylane, Elenor Rigby, Do you want to know a secret, When I'm 64, Hey Jude, Yesterday, Norweigan Wood, and TONS more.

Beck-Sexx Laws


Beck-Where it's at

Ben E. King-Stand By Me

Ben Folds Five-Song for the Dumped

Ben Folds Five-Brick

Blink 182-The Party Song

Blondie-Heart of Glass

Blondie-Call Me

Blues Traveler-Runaround

Blur-Song 2

Blur-Coffee and TV

Brandy And Monica-The Boy is Mine

Buggles-Video Killed the Radio Star

Butthole Surfers-Pepper

Cake-Satan is my Motor

Cake-Never There

Cake-You Turn The Screws

Cake-Walk on By

Cake-Sheep Go To Heaven

Cake-When You Sleep

Cake-Let Me Go

Cake-I Will Survive

Cake-Stickshifts and Safty Belts

Cake-Going the Distance

Cake-It's going down

Cake-She'll come back

Cake-Race Car Ya Ya's

Cash Money Millionares-Project Bitch

Celine Dion-Always somthing there to remind me

Celine Dion-That's the way it is

Celine Dion-Because you loved me

Celine Dion-Beauty and the Beast

Chic-Freak Out

Chris Rock-No Sex in the Champagne Room

Cindy Lauper-Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Cindy Lauper-Time After Time

CKY-Freestyle Chinese Rapper

CKY-Santa's Coming


Counting Crows-Goodnight Elizabeth

Counting Crows-Ms. Jones

Cowboy Mouth-Jenny Says





Crystal Method & Prodigy-Sidewinder

Crystal Method-Busy Child

Crystal Method-Keep Hope Alive

Crystal Method-Vapor Trail

Crystal Method-Cherry Twist

Charlie Daniels Band-Devil Went Down to Georga

Daft Punk-Das Funk

Dave Matthews Band-EVERYTHING!!!!! Especially Stay(Wasting Time), Ants Marching, Two Step, Satillite, Dancing Nancies, Warehouse, Proudest Monkey, Grey Street, Everyday, Angel, Bartender, Don't Drink the Water, Rapunzel, their cover to Bob Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower".....everything else

David Bowie-Changes

David Cassidy-I think I love you

David Gray-Babylon

Deep Blue Something-Breakfast at Tiffiny's

Destiny's Child-Bugaboo

Destiny's Child-Say My Name

Destiny's Child-Jumpin Jumpin

Dexter Freebish-Leaving Town

Dixie Chicks-Goodbye Earl

Dixie Chicks-Ready to Run

Dixie Chicks-Sin Wagon

Dixie Chicks-Cowboy Take Me Away

Dixie Chicks-Wide Open Spaces

Duran Duran-Hungry Like the Wolf

Dire Straits-Romeo and Juliet


En Vogue-Never Gonna Get It

Enya-Anywhere Is

Enya-Sail Away

Etta James-At Last

Eurithmics-Sweet Dreams

Eurithmics-Here comes the Rain Again

Everclear-AM radio

Everclear-Father of Mine

Everlast-Black Jesus

Fatboy Slim-Sunset(Bird of Prey)

Fatboy Slim-Retox

Fatboy Slim-Star

Fatboy Slim-Right here, right now

Fatboy Slim-Build it up, tear it down

Fatboy Slim-Love Island

Fatboy Slim-Ya Mamma

Fatboy Slim-Kalifornia

Fatboy Slim-Weapon of Choice (The music video kicks)

Fatboy Slim-Praise You

Fatboy Slim-Rockafella Skank

Fatboy Slim-Gansta Trippin

Fatboy Slim-Funk Soul Brotha

Fatboy Slim-Talkin About my Baby

Fiona Apple-As Fast as you Can

Fiona Apple-Criminal

Flying Lizzards-Money(That's what I want)

Foo Fighters-I'm on your Back

Frank Sinatra-Night and Day

G Love and Special Sauce- Rodeo Clowns

Garbage-When I Grow Up

Garbage-Stupid Girl

Gin Blossoms-Till I Hear it from You

Gloria Estefan-Reach

Gloria Estefan-Conga

Greenday-I hope you had the Time of your Life

Groove Amanda-I see you baby

Guster-Barrel of a Gun

Guster-Fa Fa

Guster-Two Points For Honesty

Guster-Center of Attention

Guster-Eather Way

Hootie and the Blowfish-Time

Hootie and the Blowfish-Hold my Hand

Hootie and the Blowfish-Only wanna be with You

Hot Chocolate-I believe in Miricles

Jackson 5-ABC

Jamiroquai-Cosmic Girl

Jamiroquai-Canned Heat

Jamiroquai-Virtual Insanity

Janet Jackson-Together Again

Jesus Jones-Right here, Right now

Jimmi Hendrex-Purple Haze

John Williams-Star Wars Theme(s)

John Williams-NBC Theme

John Williams-Olympic Themes

Kool and the Gang-Celebration

Kool and the Gang-Jungle Boogie

Lenny Kravitz-Are you gonna go my way

Lifehouse-I'm falling even more in love with you

Limp Bizket-Faith

Limp Bizket-Mission Impossible 2 song.. (forgot the name)

Lisa Loeb-Stay

Loverboy-Everybody's working for the weekend

Ludacris-What's your Fantisy

Madonna-Like a Virgin


Madonna-Material Girl

Madonna-Don't tell me

Madonna-Justify my Love


Madonna-Ray of Light


Madonna-Cherish (something... can't remember)

Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies-One Tin Soldier

Men Without Hats-Safty Dance

Michael Jackson-Thriller

Michael Jackson-Beat It

Michael jackson-Billy Jean

Mirah Carey-Fantisy

Mirah Carey-Always be my Baby

Mirah Carey-Heartbreaker

Moby-EVERYTHING, especially: Porcelain, Southside (the normal one AND the one feturing Gwen Stefini), Natural Blues, Bodyrock, ... tons more...

Modern English-Melt with You

Moulin Rouge- THE WHOLE SOUNDTRACK!!!!!!

Natilie Imbruglia-Torn

Nirvina-Smells like Teen spirit

No Doubt-Simple Kind of Life

No Doubt-Spiderwebs

Offspring-Original Prankster

Offspring-Walla Walla


Offspring-Self Esteem

Offspring-Come out and Play

Offspring-Pretty Fly(for a white guy)

Offspring-The Kids Arn't alright


Orgy-Blue Monday

Peach Union-On my Way

Phish-Gin and Juice



Prodigy-Smack my Bitch up (the Fat Boy Slim remix of this is also AWSOME)

Prodigy-Voodoo People

Queen-Bohemian Rapsody (I really suck at spelling...)

Queen-We will rock you/We Are the Champions


Ramsetein-Du Hast

Red Hot Chille Peppers-Love Rollercoaster

Red Hot Chille Peppers-Californiacation

Red Hot Chille Peppers-Aeroplane

Red Hot Chille Peppers-Scar Tissue

Red Hot Chille Peppers-Around the World

Red Hot Chille Peppers-The Otherside

Red Hot Chille Peppers-Give it Away now

REM-It's the End of the World as we Know it

REM-This one goes out to the one I love

REM-Everyboy Hurts

REM-Shiny Happy People Holding Hands (the one with the muppits is even BETTER!)

Rolling Stones-Satisfaction

Rod Stewart-Forever Young


Shania Twain-Man! I feel like a Woman!

Shania Twain-Honey, I'm home

Shania Twain-That don't impress me much

Simon and Garfunkle-Feelin Groovy

Simon and Garfunkle-Ms. Robenson

Sisqo-Thong Song

Sly and the Family Stone-Everyday People

Smashing Pumpkins-1979

Smashmouth-Walking on the Sun

Why can't we be friends

Softcell-Tainted Love

Soggy Bottom Boys-I am a Man of Constant sorrow


Steppenwolfe-Magic Carpet Ride

Talking Heads-Burning Down the House

The Cardigans-Love Fool

The Chordettes-Mr. Sandman

The Presidents of the United States of America-Peaches

The Verve-Bittersweet Symphony

Third Eye Blind-Losing a Whole Year

Third Eye Blind-Narcolepsy

Third Eye Blind-SemiCharmed Life

Third Eye Blind-Jumper

Third Eye Blind-Graduate

Third Eye Blind-How's it going to be

Three Dog Night-One is the Lonliest Number

Tom Green-The bum bum song

Tom Green-Piggy Hill

Trio-Da Da Da

Turtles-So happy Together

U2-Beautiful Day

U2-Still Havent found what I'm looking for

U2-Where the streets have no name

U2-With or Without you

U2-New Years Day

U2-New Sweetist Thing

U2-Sunday Bloody Sunday

Van Morrison-Brown Eyed Girl

Village People-In the Navy

Village People-YMCA


Wyclef Jean-Gone till November

More to come soon! Keep the hope for Napster alive!