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Sunday, December 5, 1999


Whoa long time no write. My dad's Christmas party is ending. I havent done any of my homework but somehow I'll get it done by tommorrow. There was a school dance on Friday, it sucked. Friday night Egg spent the night with me, we had a good time. We stayed up really late. Saturday at noon she left, and I did nothing all day until Matt and Erik invited me to go see "Sleepy Hollow" with them. I went, since it was rated R and we are all 13 Erik's mom went with us. It was fun. The movie was weird. It burnt up right at a good part and we had to wait till they fixed it. It was cool. There were some people sitting behind us that would make remarks to everything that happened in that southern ghetto way- I thought it was hilarious. Erik thought it was annoying. I had a good time at the movies.

On Friday afternoon me and mom went to the farmers market to get a Christmas tree. We got an awsome one. We saw J.B.'s mom and his brother Will while we were there. I put Christmas lights in my room. I love December. I really don't want to go to school tommorrow. Yuck. I hate waking up early, it really sucks. Im really not in a hyper mood right now. It would be really nice if I had a boyfriend. Rrrr goodnight.

September 8, 1999

4:18 PM

Whew... School shure is a pain.

Waking up early, having useless trivia drilled into your brain all day, and on top of that your peers are busy having a social life while you wonder where yours is (or is that just me?! lol). Then they send you home with more work. *SIGH GASP*

But really, school is okay, being in 8th grade is pretty cool because we are the oldest of the middle school. We get privalages.... hehehe

And about that books in out cubby thing- hah, no one does it. We don't get fussed at eather....humph

I am learning to make a website at school, even though I already have this one, so look to see a new link soon I guess. It's "academic"-- we are learning the straight HTML, no programs. I like that. hehe.

Well it's Erik's birthday on the 16th and Matt's birthday on the 20th, so I get to go shopping sometime soon.... *JOY* but my computer at my Mom's house is on our dining room table because my mom is going to USC (the university of South Carolina) to learn how to be a library person. *SIGH GASP* that means she has to type papers for her classes on the computer and she gets behind sometimes and has to work on it late into the night and wake up early to do it in the mornings, so I refused to have her interupting my valued adolescence attempt at slumber. I made her move the computer out of my room so she can work on her papers elsewhere. No more internet for awhile, even though we did get a new modem. *YES!* oh well.

I'm gonna go talk to Adam now- BYE!!


Wednesday, August 25, 1999

4:08 PM

Whoa! School started, that was a REALLY big deal, but now things are getting settled down. Things almost havent changed, if you overlook the new colors of half of all the guys hair, the newly found height by most, with the excption of few, and the new personalities and teachers. I think it's okay, my teachers are nice, I got who I wanted, and most of my friends are in some of my classes, not all of them though:(

I quit the band, (hahaha) and I got all my books, (UHH!) I have 3 math books, (i'm in algebra 2 in 8th grade) 2 Latin books, 2 Humanitis books, and a science book. Thank goodness for cubbies! hehe all my friends backs are breaking. Not mine!:)

There are a bunch of new policies at Heathwood to prevent bombings and shootings ect., and they scare me. We have to unpack EVERYTHING out of our backpack in the morning and put all of our books in our cubbie.

Thursday, August 5, 1999

12:45 PM

Ho HuM, Soooo bored. Talked on the phone all last night, had fun. Now I'm all bored and I'm at my dads house, so i figured, what the heck why not update everything. hehe.

Today is Derrick's birthday. He is 14 now. pretty weird how old people are getting...

I havent talked to many people recently. I think Sara is still in NY dancing away, I don't know where Seung-Hee is, EGG is home but babysitting(i think), Amanda is home but I don't know what she is doing, Adam is rockclimbing in Vermont and won't be back till this weekend or when school starts or something like that(?), Derrick is home and bored, Erik is home, Perrin is home, hmmm who else.... oh well thats boring stuff.

i gotta jet- c-ya!


Wednesday, August 4, 1999


Well, what a day! hehe Last night Perrin spent the night at my house, we had a lot of fun. We played around talking to people on the phone. it was SOOO fun. Today we went bowling with Derrick and Erik, it was really fun. I've discovered that I suck at bowling even more than I thought! lol I did really bad but I had loads of fun. I want to go skating soon, thats something that if I remember correctly I am pretty good at. Hehehehe. Can't wait to skate. skate skate skate. mmmum. I'm so tired. Right now I'm talking to Amanda and listining to the oldies station of the radio. Is it just me or do the beach boys get more annoying every time you listen to them? uhhh...

I want to do something with all my homies tommorrow. OooO I almost forgot, Derrick turns 14 tommorrow. Haha he's all old and stuff. I'm glad I'm not 14 yet. muhrmphummm...

Well I'm all tired now so c-ya!


Wednesday, July 14, 1999.

8:31 PM

Wow- I'm bored. I've been on the computer ALL DAY! I woke up at 12:30 this afternoon which was unusuall, since I normally aim twards 2:00. I stayed up till 4:30AM last night talking and working on this website! I was working on a new section I'm going to call "Elizabeth's Advetures"- little cartoons with cool pictures and stuff. i'm having the hardest time getting all the 15 pictures uploaded! It's driving me insane! I'll keep trying.

Adam came home today! I was so excited! We talked, then he had to go. ho hum. I'm so bored. I need to write Erik a letter, along with all my other camp friends. I saw a camp friend on the net today- that was exciting. I'm trying to come up with some more intresting stuff to put on Absurd Turf- easier said than done. I think I will start a site fight with my friend Matt and his website- it offends me so I will get that started a.s.a.p. BAWAHAHAHA! Matt's going DOWN! I guess I should think of it as "his site is what I am battling, not him" but it's still fun to say that! hehehehe.

Well- gotta jet- ~*Elizabeth*~

Tuesday, July 13, 1999

6:14 PM

Well, Today I awoke to my friend Perrin's voice reminding me to pack at about 11:30AM. She spent the night at my house last night- I spent the night at her house the night before that. We had a really good time. We talked on the phone with Yates (another friend of ours) till 2:30AM! Very fun. I got up and ate some cold poptarts for breakfast. No iceing- yucky. Then Perrin watched TV while I packed for the next two weeks durring which I will be with my dad on various vacations. I HATE packing. We leave to go to New York on Friday. I am very exicted! We will see the "Lion King" on brodway- thats what I am really looking forward to. I've never been to New York. Yesterday was one of my best friends birthdays(I think?-not if she is my best friend- if her birthday was yesterday-lol) her name is Seung-Hee. I can't wait to see her! *we luv you Seung-Hee!* anyway- after Perrin went home I went to my dad's house- where I am now. We went shopping for a little while- I got some new shirts. *yay!* I like them. Now I'm here talking to my friends, EGG, Manders& Neisha (HAY GUYS! I'm afraid of caps! aaaah!) Tonight I'm going to a play in my town with Perrin and her mom and J.B.and his mom and my mom and some other people. I'm looking forward to that but I need a shower- which I am procrastanating to take. I love procrastanating.... Well, I guess I'll just continue to yearn for all my friends who are gone- (Erik, Adam, Sara,) Until later--- ~*Elizabeth*~

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