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Saturday, December 9, 2000


Uhhh... Exams... Cramming... Weekend... Wasted... AH! I hate hate hate hate HATE HATE HATE HATE EXAMS!!!!!! I'M A FRESHMAN AND I HAVE SIX EXAMS IN THREE DAYS!!!!!!!! WHAT THE HECK???? Uh.... So tired of studying. Today, a Saturday, i woke up at 8:00, 8:00!!!!! On a Saturday!!! To STUDY!!!! grrr... Exams need to die. So does George W., I mean, he needs to shut up. Grrr.. more annoying stuff. I havent written in there in forever. Last night I went to Lessons-n-carols. William read one of the thingies, Perrin, Katie, and Adam were all in the upper school chorous. Damn the exams... that's all I ever think about. uhhh.... Dude! I didn't even write about halloween! I was "Little" Bo Peep, I had an awsome costume..a crook and everything. Haha. There are some pictures from then on the picture page. Isn't it intresting how Damn rhymes with Exam? I think that's intresting. I should get back to studying. Just think good thoughts... good thoughts... DAMN EXAMS!!!!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2000


Watching Presendential debate... GO GORE!!!!!!! YAY!!!:) Now going to bed.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000


Hay Yall. The week is over tommorrow because of parent confrences!!!! Thank goodness. I coulden't take two more days. There is no food in my dad's house, except for a jar of pickles. So guess what I just ate? A pickle. I like pickles. mmm and olives too. No more math class till Monday!!! YES!!!! mmm what else is happening, oh yeah!! We had the first OM meeting, all the usuals showed up, but some newbies came too. It will be a good year. Man, I'm hungry and theres no freaking junk to eat but pickles!!!!! ARRG!!! ermm.. oh yeah, today is Matt's Birthday, he's 15 now. Whoopie. I've been watching the Olympics every night. The olympics are so cool!!!! I watched the womens gymnastics last night, and some of the swimming. Ian Thorpe is so cool!!!!!!!!! He's all tall and good at swimming. Yay. Well, I have nothing else to say, are you happy people who bothered me to update?! haha. See yall later :)

Monday, September 18, 2000


Hurricane Gordon... Pshhh.. You aint got nothin on Columbia, fool storm. All you do is rain, not even any wind. Pshh.. Well, I've been working, being deprived of my sleep to the utmost. Last weekend I went to the beach with Elizabeth and Margaret, it was a blast. We partied all weekend. I love ice cream. I am SO TIRED. OM starts tommorrow. I'm really excited. As excited as I can be me being so freaking tired. MTV sucks. I love the olympics though, it makes me feel like christmas does, except for the fact that the olympics make you feel fat and lazy, and christmas MAKES you fat and lazy. Pshh. I like being lazy. School is such a pain. Thank goodness this is only a four day week, we get Friday off due to parent confrences thank god. ARGGG I'm so tired. I want a boyfriend too. Pshh like that will ever happen. Oh well. Oh yeah, and all those couples up there I posted a long time ago, half, or over half, have broken up and re-hooked up with new people. I just don't understand that. Shallowness...... Well, I'm going to look for some new junk to put on the site to "spruce up" BYE!

Thursday, September 7, 2000


Another pretty good day at school. Goofing off again, on the computer. Here I sit. Listining to love songs and wanting a boyfriend. sheesh. I don't understand it. I have more guy best friends than girl best friends, and most all of the other girls have boyfriends, but where do I stand? Single, with my bum all alone. I love onions. Mmmm I can taste some now... in my imagination. Freaking crap, I have to study imaginary numbers tonight. unhhhh... L is for the way you look, at me. O is for the only one, I see. V is very, very extra ordinary, and E is even more than anyone that you adore, can love, is all that I can give to you, Love is more than just a game for two, Two in love can take it, take my heart and please don't break it, Love was made for me and you.... adolescence sucks so much ass. You never know where you stand with ANYONE. rm. The first HHES varsity home game is tommorrow night. I can't wait, it should be fun. I'm looking forward to the weekend. Please say tommorrow is a fast day... OOH! FORGOT ABOUT THE PEP RALLY! yayness.

Wednesday, September 6, 2000


Hey Hey! I had a good day at school today. Whoa, that rhymes. And I've learned something since I last wrote in here. People I go to school with, that's right, my own peers, do come to this site, to this page, to see what I've been doing. I'm wowed, really, I am. And I thought no one cared! Well, accually, they just come on here when they are bored. But they come all the same! So if you are reading this out of bordom, or you really do think I'm so intresting that you want to know all about what I've been doing, here is your new entry, that's right, it's dedicated to you my friend. Don't you feel all special now. Haaha. You know all that crap I just wrote? I didn't mean a word. It's all BS! I don't care! Just Kidding. So I went to school today at 7 freaking 30 in the morning, to go to a science meeting thingy. It was intresting. Yay. But suprisingly, I'm not tired right now. Just avoiding my homework. Last weekend was labor day weekend, and I went to Beafort to visit my family and friends. It was fun. I got a new bra from a store. I went to a birthday party for a person that turned 91. I ate crab. But the best thing I did this weekend was, you guessed it, slept. Sleep is such a wonderful thing. You don't have to think, you can't worry while you are alseep, and the only downside is having a bad dream or being groggy when you wake up or something. I had a bad dream this weekend, it was about me, at lunch at school, I think outside the math and science building. I was in trouble for something, I don't remember what, and a Dr. Shirley figure sitting at a table called me, and started giving me hell about something. Then,on the verge of tears, he told me to pick up a bottle of some carrot juice or somthing, that was in one of those drink refridgerators, and told me to throw it away. So I opened the refridgerator, got the juice drink thing out, and put it in the trash can, which seemed to be filled with ice. Then, the Dr. Shirley figure got mad, and told me to take it outside and break it and then throw it away. So I take the juice bottle, which looked normal, and went outside and bashed it against the edge of the sidewalk. The outside of the bottle broke, but the inside seemed to have some sort of other glass fixture in it. Then I threw the remains away, and I woke up feeling like I'd done something wrong. I hate that. Oh well. At least I remembered the dream. I did so well at school today. I'm glad. For awhile there I felt a little stupid. I have a ton of quizzes I'm supposed to be studying for right at this very minute. Evil. Am I supposed to be eager to learn some of this stuff? And what the hell are imaginary numbers? I felt really stupid trying to figure that out this morning. Maybe because it was so early. There have been studies done that show that adolescents's melatonan (sp?! it's a hormone that makes you sleep or be tired) doesen't really start being produced until about a quarter till 11:00 PM at night. Therefore, in order to get the reccommended 10 hours of sleep for adolescents, you would have to wake up if you fell asleep at 11:00PM at 8:00AM. Now, since it has also been proven that teenagers do not retain information as well early in the morning as they do later in the afternoon, I sugest to all schools, including the lovlely Heathwood Hall, that we start school at 12:00PM, and getting out of school at 4:00PM. This includes lunch once we get to school, and a 45 minute freetime between 2:00PM and 2:45PM. This would be the best school day. We all know we are going to have to go to school, because it's the law, so why fight it? I propose my plan. It would work, woulden't it?!!!!! haha. Anyway. Its like some mad valentines day syndrome at school now. The following people have hooked up: Carrie and JB, Margaret and Derrick, Adam and Carman K., Amanda and Frank, Maggie and Creston, Whitney and Carroll, and Paul and Lauren. That's all been within a week or less, most of these people have gotten up with each other since last weekend. Crazy! Freaking Crazy! so many people! I don't understand. Everyone gets together at the same times. Weird... Weird... I made a new friend. Maggie is so cool. Shes all new at HHES but shes really cool and we walk around after school to random places, usually meeting up with Adam along the way. Fun. My back pack is so heavy it feels like I'm a pack horse or a camel or something. Grrrr. And I have every one of my classes with dear William. It's pretty fun. I like Multicultural Studies, Humanities, and Latin the best so far. I don't know if I'll like Latin after the quiz we are taking on Friday, I might begin to dislike it after that. It's just a fun class. I've discovered that Yates never shuts his mouth. His nasty mouth that is. He's eather talking, mumbling, coughing, or eating. Nothing wrong with any of those things. But Yates does tend to close his mouth sometimes when sleeping in class. I never quit laughing at random things. Laughing is the best remedy for anything. I like to laugh. Well anyway, I'm running out of random things to type. Ahh, speaking of random, I havent seen any of Monty Python in awhile. I'm going to hae to have a Monty Python party soon. It's been too long. I'm going to quit typing now. Byeeee! :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2000


Summer is almost over :( I've been busy beyond belief, I went to Beaufort, Wilmington beach with Perrin, Florida with my Dad, Key West, went to camp for a month, with Adam, Derrick, Erik, and Matthew. It was pretty fun. I spent a weekend at Adam's mountain house too. That was really awsome. My mom went on the rope swing, it was so funny. Now I'm home till Friday, when I will go to Florida again to see some family. I really don't want to go back to freaking school. I had to get all my freshman books yesterday, it was a pain, but I did get to see some of my friends I havent seen in forever, so that was awsome. I have almost all of my classes with Seung-Hee and Jennie. These are my classes : A- conseptual physics B- Multicultural Studies C- IM3 D- Humanities E- Latin II F- English 9 F- Musical Theater (2nd semester) I'm really excited. I also might be doing a honors science thing. I still don't want to go back to freaking school....

Tuesday, May 9, 2000


Evil school. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm watching the news.. and they just showed a hurricane wave knocking down a bridge. I wish it would do that to my school right now so I wouldent have to do all the stupid exams and projects that the teachers are making us do since they procrastanated doing it all year. DAMN SCHOOL. Now theres a commericial on for Bayer asprin preventing heart attacks. Now Datline is back on. Tom Brockow or whatever his name is is all weird looking. I like the music that comes on after Datline goes off, its really cool. ALl today SC people argued about the Confederate flag. It is so stupid. EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL EVIL. People in China sweatshops. Um.. I'm sick of writing this now. Bye.

Sunday, April 30, 2000


Haah! I am 14 now. That was awhile back though. Now I'm looking forward to the ERBs next week-- for all who don't know those are the standardized tests that are given to private and rural schools in America. I hate them. They arnt as bad as the SAT but they are still a pain in the ass. I'm best at reading comprenhension. A rare and nice skill to have... It's gotten me out of a lot of messed I've gotten myself into:) Yesterday night Perrin spent the night, we went and saw "Where the Heart is" last night, it was really really good. I loved it. Everyone should go see it. Um... it was one of those kind of movies that makes you want to go out and find the perfect guy and marry him. .... aw... Oh yeah, after that When Perrin went home I saw The Sixth Sense with my mom, we rented it. It was really scary.. Freaky... Good story too. Went to church today, sat with Elizabeth G. And her Grandfather. Cool man. Boring church, I spent the whole time thinking about that Where the Heart is movie. blah blah blah... Mom graduates next weekend... exciting... blah blah... Tons of projects next week. YEAH!!! ... rrr. I'm going to go clean my room now.. fun!!!! uhh. Byebye

  • Tuesday, April 18, 2000


    Evil Evil work. Too many tests.. Too much work. Piano.. work, soccer... work.. arrr.. Bored Bored. Shoutout to Charlie. For no reason in peticular. Oh yeah!! I had my birthday and my birthday party. It was really fun. I'm 14 now!!!! YAY and I got a ton of cool presents. Thanks everyone who came to my house and partied down and for all of my awsome presents!!! :) YAY one year till I can drive!!!! UUH I can't wait to go to camp Greenville!!!!!! Matthew will be there!!! YAY umm.. what else to write about.. Oh yeah I updated the main page-- if you have Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher you will see little dots that follow your mouse. Its really cool. If you don't have Internet Explorer 5.0 you need to get it, it really rocks. I also recently downloaded America Online instant messinger. My screename on that is Yodagurl 2000. Talk to me!! haha. Oh yeah-- Here are some of my friends webpages:

  • Charlie's Website

  • Carrie's Website

    Okay those are Carries and Charlies webpages. Hey you two:) Ever notice how annoying the weather channel is?? Last night was the evening of the arts at school, I had to sing the opening song from the middle school play with Amanda, Perrin, William, and Adam. It was okay. A huge storm blew in just as we were arriving. Hailstones almost as big as ping pong balls were comming down everywhere.. It was really scary, Mom and I were in the car. I thought the windshield was going to break.. But all is well. Hail is pretty neat. I gotta go do other stuff now.. Byebye !

    Monday, April 10, 2000


    UHHHHHH!!!NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL NO SCHOOL!!! Just got back to school from spring break... I've discovered that I have a laziness disorder.... I hate school... it was fun today because everyone was happy to see each other but come on... work is not wanted. Stupid golf... it's the worst sport ever in the history of the world. Bored bored homework sucks homework sucks.... arragararefrafs. summer hurry up!!! AAAAH MY BIRTHDAY IS ON APRIL 15 CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEH!! no more to type.. signing out... this is Elizabeth Kone Head from Mars...

    Sunday, March 12, 2000


    I'm at Perrin's, and her Cat Dori brought in a squirrel!!!!! Its on the stairs right now!!! My dad is supposed to be here but hes not here yet!!!! AAAAAH we are going to look for information about how to get it out now. Wish us luck!!!

    Wednesday, March 8, 2000


    I don't want to work on that stupid China project Mrs. Nigh!!! UHHH. Well I've been playing minesweeper for a long long time... I should get on it... I coached the 5th grade OM team today, they are so wild. They are awsome though. I just tricked Carroll. Here was the conversation: PanthAnca: yo hoe TwEEtrpEEp: This is Elizabeth's father. Elizabeth is doing her homework right now. You need some manners. TwEEtrpEEp: Do you want to apoligize? PanthAnca: elizabeth TwEEtrpEEp: you suck so much carroll.. i swear you are so gullible TwEEtrpEEp: "This is Elizabeth's father...." funny huh? Second time I've done it. Take that Carroll. Dumbshit..... lol. Carroll's nice though. I give way way too much benifit of the doubt.... I shouldent. Oh well, I should go work on evil China now.... rrr can't we all just go there instead of some stupid project????? uhhh

    Monday, March 6, 2000


    RRRR... trying to plan out when I'm going to camp. ARRRRGGRGAGGA. School was okay today. I laughed.. pretty much all day. South Carolina is the only state in America that does not observe Martin Luther King day. That is so screwed up!!! We should get one. South Carolina's governor Jim Hodges is so ugly... rrr. That is mean... oh well. He's an okay governor. The NAACP is still boycotting us. They should... rrr South Carolina is SO screwed up... mmm. Mom and I went on a walk in the garden today. It was fun. I had to get my physical form for soccer. I've decided to play. I will start tommorrow. Yay. mm. Bored. I'll just stop rambling now... ByeBye

    Thursday, March 2, 2000


    Whoa havent written in here in a long time. My Aunt June just came in from Alabama, its nice to have her around. We don't have school tommorrow... thank god. I just watched Fraiser, it was okay. I love having a four day week at school. This week was especially slow. Mrs. Nigh was in a bad mood all week. It was horrible. Oh well, maybe she'll be better next week. We had three tests/quizzes today.. that sucked. Whoa.. I need to update some social life junk... Well Margaret dumped Chris, and is now going out with J.B. That seems to be going well. Mom has just declared to make lobster for dinner tommorrow. I've never had lobster. I had a group paino lesson today. I'm sorry but subway is the grossest place ever. Nasty food too. I'm watching Who Wants to be a Millionare right now. I just got $8000!! HAHA. MALAYSIA YOU FOOL!!! MALAYSIA!! aww man I lost.. it was Japan. man....rr. alright. Oh yeah, the last time I wrote in here was durring the snow day. Since then the snow has melted... people wore shorts to school today. I went skiing for the second time in my life, but this time I went with my mom, Erik, Derrick, Matthew, Will and Joe and their exchange student Lenia. All our moms were there too. It was SOOOO FUN!!! I am slowly learning. Well That was valentines weekend. Still single here. I cleaned my room last week. It took four hours. I'm going to watch ER now. One of my favorite shows. Byebye

    Wednesday, Janurary 26, 2000


    Wow! What a week. Monday, we all went to school, and found out at 1:00 that we would be let out an hour early because of a huge ice storm comming our way. They did what they said, let us out at 2:00, but as usuall I was not picked up till 3:00, the normal time we get let out of school. By that time the sleet had turned into the much desired snow that all children in south carolina pray for daily in Winter. Going home, the snow got worse, I'd never seen snow like that in my life before. It was so beautiful!!! So we went home and I got on my ski clothes and went out in it, it had blanketed our whole town! Our street was covered! It was wonderful. Mom and I built the beginings of our snowman. I got the sled out and we sledded down the huge hill we live on. It was so fun!!!! I love it! Today I woke up at 1:30PM, ate some noodles, hung around, put on my ski clothes again and went out. Mom and I returned some movies and then finished the snowman since school was closed today(Tuesday, it's the early hours of Wednesday so I still consider it Tuesday). After finishing the snowman, I just hung around, talked to people. Talked to Perrin and Erik, that was nice. We were watching TV together. Carrie called but I forgot to call her back. rrr. We got back in touch. I watched Tom Green earlier too, that was nice. Saturday Night Live just went off of Comedy Central. Some weird thing is now on. I love this! The new computer is by the TV so I can watch TV and do computer at the same time. Some guy on TV is yelling "WHAT" over and over. It is scaring me. Oh, its "the kids in the hall" this show is so weird. I like Tom Green better. Tom green's website is:

  • Tom Green's Website

    YAY! I love Tom Green. He is my idol. Another website that I need to put on here is Matt's website. He is annoyed that I havent put it up sooner. so--

    CastleSengir. (Now down because Matt is a lazy cow)

    Well visit that link if you want. So I am going to sleep in way late again. That will be fun, no school again. Hopefully school will be nice and cancled for as long as possible. That would be even nicer! hehe. Well I am going to go update some other things. Night Night!

    Saturday, Janurary 22, 2000


    HEEEEE!! I love the weekend!!! Last night Elizabeth spent the night with me, we had such a good time. Today she had to go around noon, about when Carrie came over. We then went bowling at 2:00, with Derrick, Will, Matt, Perrin, and Katie. I won once!! It was cool. I am still really bad at bowling. After bowling we all went to my house to watch movies, but we only ended up watching one because it started sleeting and all my friends parents freaked and came to pick up everyone. We watched this movie called "Trogan war". It really sucked. After we ate pizza and watched the movie Derrick, Will, Carrie, and I ran up the hill that I call my street. It was okay. It was all icy for a little bit but it melted. Carrie and Derrick raced to the top, making it Derrick's third time to run up what my mothers nicknamed "cardiac hill". He haden't been feeling good, ended up barfing. poor Derrick. He's all better now though. We had a good time at my house. It was fun. Now Carrie is over here spending the night. I am glad. We watched a movie with my mom called "Instinct". It was AWSOME. I really liked it, Carrie did too. Well we are now watching Mad TV. I am GLAD!!!

    Tuesday, Janurary 18, 2000


    I hate homework. Amanda dumped Rex. School was extreamly boring today. Erik came back from the mountains yesterday. His brother's hair grew out a lot. They are both so good looking. hehe=) I wish I didn't have any more school this week. There was a huge rally about the Confederate flag yesterday. I wish I had gone. They need to take that stupid thing down. The evil rednecks in this city want to keep it up. Soo stupid. Oh well it'll come down eventually. Made international news though. That was cool. Mom got a new computer. I am on it now, it really rox!!! I love it so much. It's really fast and awsome and fast. Did I mention that it's fast? No more evil slow mac!! YAY! Gotta go study vocabulary!!! BYE!!!


    Ahhh soo tired. Evil science project finally done. YAY!!!I am SOO tired. Carrie is looking at this website right now. She really likes it. I am glad. I hope Carrie will spend the weekend with me. That would rock. Erik talked to me on the internet. HOORAY! Things are good. Gotta go do more vocabulary! byebye:)

    Sunday, Janurary 16, 2000


    Whew!!!! I LOVE the weekend!!!!!! Martin Luther King day is tommorrow NO SCHOOL!!! I am so glad. Thank you Martin Luther King. =)

    Saturday, Janurary 15, 2000


    I am sooo bored!!!! I'm listining to "Lonely Sweedish" (the bum bum song) by Tom Green, my idol. I love Tom Green so much!!! He is all weird like me and Carrie. The Tom Green show on MTV is my FAVORITE!!! He is so cool.

    Well Christmas break went well, I went to Atlanta, Beaufort (SC), and Park City Utah. I learned to ski there, I had never skiied before being the southern belle that I am. It was really fun, I've never seen that much snow in my life!!! Soo awsome... I was there for New Years. It was really cool. School started back and to my suprise a lot of the boys were EVEN MORE squeaky. Soooo weird. Amanda hooked up with Rex, strange... Erik hooked up with Kelli, this awsome girl that no one has seen excpt for in pictures. She is really cool though. Erik got a haircut too. Weerd. Me and Carrie are insepreble now... its really fun. We have a TON of inside jokes. I need to update that webpage now that I think of it....Oh yeah, my moms Christmas party went really well, some of my homies came over and we chilled. It was cool. I got a ton of CDs for Christmas... I'm now addicted to U2. YAY!!

    Last weekend was Amandas birthday party, it was AWSOME!! I saw my favorite movie, "Monty Python and the holy grail" for the 5th time!!! It's such a good movie. I also saw "South Park- The movie" THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY!!! It was great. Really gross though don't EVER SEE THAT WITH YOUR PARENTS!!!!!! they will ground you or something... its really bad. I also saw "The Blair Witch Project" which was a riot.... I am still freaked out. I thought it was good. Another movie I saw was "cruel intentions" which was REALLY good. That guy in it is really hot. I saw "October Sky", that was really good, and last night I saw "The Talented Mr. Ripley". Matt Damon is SO HOT!!! uhh such a good movie too. It's too long though. I really liked it. I think I'm going to make a movie review page soon. That would be cool. Perrin would help me because shes really obsessed with movies.

    Now me and Carrie and Memiss are planning a little *get-together* so I am glad.

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